10 Cool iPhone Apps to Wow Your Girlfriend

10 Cool iPhone Apps to Wow Your Girlfriend


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Dating is a dangerous, tricky business. Making sure you consistently wow and impress your other half has never been tougher, and it takes every trick in the book to make sure that the dream girl in your life doesn’t figure out the truth about you! Suffice to say, if you want to impress a date, steady girlfriend or fiancée you’re going to have to up your game, and with the iPhone doing for modern men what the original cellphones did for eighties business sharks, what better tactic can there be than making sure you have the coolest apps available out there to help you? Here we present the ten best apps to wow your girlfriend.

10. Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

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There are a number of things one can do that will wow the opposite sex; pretending not to care about football and movies involving lots of guns, for instance. In fact, let’s be totally honest here, doctoring your whole personality is the best way to impress women, so what better way of cutting corners in the character department and earning a night in the good books than pretending you know how to cook? British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has put his name – and recipes – behind a new app which is so incredibly well-designed, and thus practical, that your lady need never know that you sorta cheated. The meals are all easy to follow, with instructional videos and a clear interface, and it even has a feature to help you with ingredients at the supermarket.

9. Girlfriend Keeper

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This is genius. Think of all those times you went and forgot important relationship-y days – you know, birthdays, anniversaries, the first day at her new job – and spent a week talking to your girlfriend’s back and apologizing until the word ‘sorry’ started to sound weird. We all know this particular crisis, and finally there is a cure. Girlfriend Keeper is an app in which one enters these important dates into a calendar, along with her name – and yours. The app then waits until one of these days comes up, wherein it sends your loved one a relevant email or text message of love and/or support from its extensive database of over 1,000 message variations. Never ever again will you have to sleep on the sofa with this app, and you can even crank up the relationship seriousness level to raise the number of texts sent!

8. Star Walk

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Picture the scene: it’s a beautiful night, you and your other half decide to walk home for a change, and you take a shortcut through the park. One minute you’re holding hands, the next minute you’re on the grass having a romantic moment under the starry canopy above. “Aren’t the stars beautiful?” she says. “Yes,” you reply. Then suddenly you impress the living daylights out of her by confidently explaining each and every constellation. A love miracle! But how did you do it? Easy: with Star Walk. This app utilizes GPS technology to show you what the stars exactly above you are, and where you are in relation to the immediate universe. It boasts a calculator for the moon phases and even has the ability to show you how the sky will or would have looked on any given day! A must-buy for anyone planning a midnight roll-around on the grass…

7. iWrite: Love Poems

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An essential application for anyone who ever had a romantic streak in them. No girl wants a hammy, poorly done love poem detailing the color of roses with bad punctuation. Get involved with this little beauty and you’ll be the Robert Burns of the IT world. The app features 8 different styles of poem, so you can be as cheesy or as carnal as you so wish. It also instructs you on brainstorming, repetition and various other poetic techniques which will help you to write the perfect soppy note. It even has example notes so you can even utilize one of them to construct your sonnet. She’ll never know!

6. AnswerWiki

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There’s nothing worse than dating someone smarter than you. They use words you can’t understand, they read those book things all the time, and you find yourself constantly nodding in agreement at their opinion on early 20th century German independent cinema while your brain is actually pondering whether BK really is better than McDonald’s. Fed up with always being in the dark? No problem. Get yourself down to the iTunes store and buy yourself a copy of AnswerWiki, excuse yourself subtly next time your cranium is aching with haziness mid-conversation, crack open the app in the men’s room, and cram-revise yourself into relationship heaven. Hey, you were right! Early 20th century German independent cinema does suck!

5. Date Smart

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A simple idea nicely pulled off. Date Smart is an application which automatically finds places to go and activities to do for you when you’re out promenading through the town with your girl. It uses your location and your maximum budget to calculate new and random stuff to do, so you’ll never be stuck for ideas and end up sitting in a drive-in restaurant car park in silence amidst the faint, sickly smell of onion rings. The app also has a feature for first dates, so as to specially procure a venue for those that are still getting to know each other. It’s handy as hell, and you’re bound to impress even the most cynical of females with your knowledge of local activities and romantic restaurants.

4. Cocktails Free

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Sort of in a similar vein to the Jamie Oliver app, this nifty portable cocktail recipe book gives you access to over 2,000 modern and classic cocktails, alcoholic and otherwise. Its recipes are taken from sources supposedly spanning two centuries and cater for any tastes. The instructions are totally intuitive and detailed, and each formula includes substitute ingredients for those times when you’re a bit short in the kitchen cupboard. Get her over for dinner, cook her up a storm, dim the lights and suggest an exotic, nay erotic, cocktail. You’ll be the god of dating for weeks, and you might even learn something!

3. iTunes Remote

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Never mind just impressing you girlfriend; this nifty app will impress anybody. It’s very simple, very effective and very free, courtesy of the lovely people at Apple. Simply ‘tune’ it to your computer and your iPhone becomes miraculously transformed into a remote control for all the content on your iTunes. So next time you’re romancing Nancy from accounts, you can pull out your phone and crack on Barry White with effortless ease, all the while looking like your office building’s answer to James Bond.

2. Be Mine Hearts

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Back in the day it was all about Love Hearts – or Sweethearts in the US. You know, those little candy hearts with oh-so-sickly-sweet nothings stamped onto them. You’d be in the schoolyard pondering which one to give to that hot girl who was the love of your life. It was all so much simpler then. Now you’re an adult, and the stakes have been raised, right? Wrong! For a more complex age comes a more complex love heart – the electronic kind. This delightful little app lets you put your own message underneath a randomly generated cute little screen-candy. Just shake your iPhone and a new heart will appear. This modest gesture of iLove can be sent via MMS or email to your sweetheart’s phone, so you can make all her friends giggle with jealousy when it arrives on her screen during a girls’ night out. Bonus.

1. IVIP Blue/Black

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One of the most expensive apps ever, iVIP is the quintessential app to impress the lady in your life. There are three versions of the app: Red, Blue and Black. Purchase Blue and you will have one year’s access to a mind-bogglingly vast range of activities and privileges including access to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cinemas, events, clubs, theaters and VIP lounges, exclusive bodyguards, personal styling and training, and the opportunity to drive super-cars and pilot a helicopter! Suffice to say this app has it all, and at only $400-plus it’s yours. However, for the true money-drunk playboy, iVIP Black is another step up. Not only does one have to be a proven millionaire in order to receive the benefits, the app alone costs the best part of a grand. Aside from all the benefits in the iVIP Blue package, Black customers are allowed access to penthouses in London and New York, racehorse ownership, bespoke tailoring, holidays on private islands, and a bunch of other insanely well-heeled activities.

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