10 Best Hard Cases For iPad

10 Best Hard Cases For iPad


So, you’ve bitten the bullet and invested in a brand new iPad; beautiful, isn’t it?! In fact it’s so beautiful that you don’t want to ever let it out of your hands in case it breaks! Doing many of your daily chores may seem a bit weird with an iPad in your hand, (showering, driving, cooking), so you need a good solid hard case to protect it. After a lot of research, we have compiled the 10 best hard cases for the iPad, just for you.

1. iPad Luxe Original

iPad Luxe Original

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the approach that the iPad Luxe Original takes to cases, with a simple and effective polycarbonate snap-on case that boasts a velvet insert that will stop your iPad getting scratched as it clips in to its case. It’s metallic feel will be cold against your hands, ensuring that it doesn’t get sticky with sweaty palms and holes allow access to all of the necessary ports and sensors of your iPad.

Link: iPad Luxe Original

Price: $19.99

2. Mizu Shell

Mizu Shell

A super tough silicone case that will fit your iPad like a glove, the Mizu Shell offers incredibly strong protection against all sorts of bumps and bruises that your iPad may encounter. Available in red, black and pink, it’s as stylish as it is strong and boasts neat little cut outs that mean that you’ll never have to take your iPad out of its new case.

Link: Mizu Shell
Price: $33.95

3. iPad Wrapz

This case is fashioned from super thick silicone that will cover every inch of your iPad, giving it a little bend to its bounce should you accidentally drop it, meaning that it will absorb the shock a lot more than if it was simply solid plastic. The iFrogz proprietary anti-dust treatment layers the case which will stop dust settling on your iPad, which is great for those with allergies.

Link: iPad Wrapz
Price: $14.99

4. iPad 2 Custom-fit Case

This is the most versatile case on the list, seeing as you can make the most of your iPad’s media capabilities wherever you position it. Anywhere you put your iPad down, the stand allows you to pick the most comfortable viewing angle. You can snap the stand into place to stop your wrists being tired and your back slouching and the case also provides a luxury book-style reading experience for your favorite publications in portrait mode. A real winner.

Link: iPad 2 Custom-fit Case
Price: $13.99

5. iPad Luxe Lean

Similar to the iPad Luxe Original, the Luxe Lean boasts all of the same protective qualities to that of its elder brother case, however it is a very slim fit, with a much thinner casing and sleeker appearance. Perfect for showing off around town, the slim-fit style means that it can slide in and out of your bag or backpack with ease.

Link: iPad Luxe Lean
Price: $14.99

6. iPad Envoy

One of the most stylish iPad cases on the list, the iPad Envoy is made of faux-leather and is held together with reinforced side-stitching with a heat-embossed logo that makes it stand out from the crowd. The pullout tab consists of Velcro which means that you can easily remove your iPad, should you wish to do so.

Link: iPad Envoy
Price: $14.99

7. Profile Hard Shell


This Profile Hard Shell case is only thin in consistency but offers surprisingly durable protection against drops and bumps; its soft leather coating is what boosts the price, but its stylish appearance makes it well worth the money.

Link: Profile Hard Shell
Price: $33.95

8. iPad 2 Clear Armor

iPad 2 Clear Armor

The fact that this case comes with a lifetime warranty shows how confident its makers are in its durability and standards. It actually isn’t a hard case, so much as a hard film that protects your screen from anything that life could throw at it. Consisting of the same material used to protect Apache Helicopter blades from damage during Desert Storm, Clear Armor certainly is tough enough for any type of battle your iPad 2 may encounter.

Link: iPad 2 Clear Armor
Price: $24.99

9. Impact Protective Crystal Shell

The shatterproof case is completely clear and is made from the same scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic that’s used to make protective eyewear. This ensures that it gives your iPad the best protection available; if it’s good enough for your eyes, then it’s good enough for your iPad.

Link: Impact Protective Crystal Shell
Price: $26.95

10. Large Waterproof Case/Pouch iPad 2

OK, so this may not be the hardest case on the list but for anyone who enjoys playing Angry Birds while snorkeling, this one’s for you. This case is waterproof up to 5 metres and comes with a simple to operate, clamp and twist, lever sealing system. The pouch case is designed to cover and protect your device with a snug fit; it will also allow easy access and storage by sliding the device through the open end.

Link: Large Waterproof Case/Pouch iPad 2
Price: $36.95



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