10 Most Annoying iPhone Problems (And How To Solve Them!)

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10 Most Annoying iPhone Problems

We all know that the iPhone is a fantastic invention, but that doesn’t mean that it is not without it’s problems. From low battery life to ridiculous predictive text alterations, there are times when we just want to smash it against the wall, but we can’t because its screen is just so breakable! So, here are our 10 most annoying iPhone problems and tips on how to solve them!

1. Low Battery Life


Problem: One of the most common bugbears of the iPhone is that it’s battery runs out so quickly; browse Facebook, listen to a few tunes and send an email or two and suddenly you are in the red!

Solution: The best way to preserve your battery life is to switch off all of the apps and notifications that you don’t need, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and push notifications on useless apps until you need them. For more tips on how to improve your iPhone’s battery life, check out 5 Top Tips On How To Increase Your iPhone’s Battery Life.

2. Screen Is Easily Broken

Problem: I have lost count of the amount of times that I have dropped my iPhone and watched the flimsy screen splinter into a thousand pieces, knowing that I’m going to have yet another premium tacked on to my insurance bill. The price of having a wonderfully responsive touch screen is that it is very easily broken.

Solution: Get yourself a case. You need to protect your iPhone from the world’s elements, so invest in a tough one with a screen protector. Check out 5 Incredibly Stylish iPhone 4 Cases for inspiration!

3. Music Sounds Tinny On Loudspeaker

Problem: I really value the quality of sound production, so when my favourite tracks come blaring out of my iPhone with a tinny whine, it makes me want to scream! The inbuilt speakers are OK for playing basic app game sound effects but for pumping out the tunes, they’re just not good enough.

Solution: Invest in a decent set of iPhone speakers that will allow you to play your music as loud as you like with decent quality sound production. Try our 5 Great iPhone Accessories for Music if you are a music lover!

4. The Dictionary Won’t Learn New Words

Problem: Autocorrect is a fantastic setting if you are a sloppy texter like me, however if you want to use slang or ‘naughty’ words, the iPhone can often correct them to the wrong word!

Solution: There are many ways to try and trick your iPhone into learning new words, but if you want these words to stick, you’ve got to Google it. If you search for new words with Google in Safari it forces your iPhone’s dictionary to remember your ‘new’ words and will retain them forever. For more iPhone tips, go to iPhone Tips!

5. The Stock Ringtones Are Terrible

iphone ringtone

Problem: I have had the same ringtone for as long as I have had my iPhone and when it goes off in a shop, at least three other people go to answer their phones. This is quite funny, however the stock iPhone ringtones are so boring!

Solution: Check out TonePad, which allows you to create unique music ringtones for your iPhone in seconds.

6. Mail Archives Emails Instead Of Deleting Them When You Go To Edit

iphone email

Problem: Ever since the 4.0 update to Mail where they got rid of the ‘Trash’ button, when I go to ‘Edit’, I archive emails instead of deleting them. Frustrating!

Solution: You can change the function of the ‘Edit’ button by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > “preferred mail account”. There you can toggle the Archive Messages to ‘On’ or ‘Off’. For more tips on your iPhone, go to iPhone Tips.

7. Google Maps Is Not Accurate Close To Your Destination


Problem: Google Maps is superb and it has helped me find my way home so many times that I literally don’t know how I coped without it. However, when I near my destination, the accuracy seems to fall to zero!

Solution: Use the Compass feature on Maps for a more accurate guide. Launch Google Maps and tap on the crosshair icon at the bottom left of the screen. This will make the blue dot display your current location on the map; then click the icon again and a triangle will appear next to the dot: this shows the direction on the map that the iPhone is facing, making it easier to navigate around!

8. Some Paid Apps Are Terrible

iphone paid apps

Problem: As part of my job, I have to test a lot of apps and what really irritates me is when I pay for an app that is complete crap and can’t get a refund.

Solution: Many apps have a ‘lite’ version that allows you to test them for free before you buy the ‘Pro’ version; this is a great way of ensuring that you don’t waste your money! To receive the latest updates, tips and recommendations for iPhone apps and accessories, simply join our Facebook page.

9. iPhone Operates Very Slowly


Problem: The first time that I used my iPhone I was amazed at how quickly it worked, sliding from screen to screen at my lightest touch. However, as I loaded more apps and music on to it, the response time for loading and calling became much slower, which is really annoying!

Solution: If you free up space on your iPhone, you will find that it operates much quicker. Upload all of your photos, music and rarely used apps on to your computer and allow your iPhone some room to breathe. Check out 5 Top Tips on How to Free Space on your iPhone.

10. The Next Generation iPhone Always Seems To Be A Lot Better

Problem: Whenever a new iPhone comes out, there’s always something in the back of my mind that makes me think that I should wait for the next one.

Solution: Write to Steve Jobs and complain about his (genius) business model.

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