Zoombie Digger: A Colourful Zombie Fighting Game

Zoombie Digger: A Colourful Zombie Fighting Game

zoombie digger ipad app review
The flying, guitar-playing cow is on your side!

Zoombie Digger is a fun, and very well presented zombie fighting game available for both iPad and iPhone.

The tutorial quickly guides you through how best to deal with the range of zombified animals that are attempting to destroy and get into your house (to eat your brains obviously!) Tactics used against the zoombie invasion include burying them alive, shooting them with various guns, blowing them up with bombs, and several special items, including (my personal favourite) a flying, guitar-playing cow who scares the “zoombies” away by raining cowpats down upon them.

It is a very colourful and well animated game, with some very catchy music, including the interludes from the flying cow.
I got about half way into the available levels (40) before it became a struggle to defend my home from the zoombies, who arrive via all kinds of interesting transport, including skateboards, pogo sticks and tanks.

The only thing that really lets this game down is that after a certain point, it turns into a fit of random finger mashing, without the need for any real skill. The frequent pop-ups in between levels asking if I wanted to share my progress with my friends were also a bit of a nuisance.

Overall, this is a really good looking and easy to play game, and is a great time killer.


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