Zombie Fields: Can You Kill the Undead?!

Zombie Fields: Can You Kill the Undead?!

Zombie Fields iphone app review
Die, Zombies! Die!

When I first saw the title of this app I immediately started humming “strawberry fields forever” a line from the Beatles song. When I tapped to open the app, which was a far cry from what I heard. The intro music rocks. There is no other way to put that. I found myself just setting my iPhone on my desk and just listening to it. Until it started to repeat over and over. While the music’s playing you can watch all these zombies running around frantically. It’s actually pretty cool. Ok, set your options and away we go. Beginner Zombie killer here, so Survival mode (“fight endless waves of zombies, how long can you survive?), ok, pick my character, a chick of course. I set my difficulty level to easy. I find these first person shooter type games to be difficult for me to manage. But, it’s zombies, so I had to give it a try. Next, all spawns picked and we are off on daytime, and let’s go hunt us some zombies. The music is awesome, that is all I can keep saying about it. The beat goes on, the rock keeps you entertained and you kill, kill, kill, murder, murder, murder zombies. My first time, in 3 minutes I killed 82 zombies. While the game is a lot ofun, the graphics are less than stellar. There are defiantly other games out there with much better graphics. If you like first person shooters, you may like this one if you aren’t into fancy graphics. I could see myself playing this for a while.



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