Zodiachus: The Zodiac At Your Fingertips

Zodiachus: The Zodiac At Your Fingertips

What’s your sign?

Anger. Frustration. No, that has nothing to do with my sign. It does have everything to do with the extremely annoying advertising placement within this app. I loved the features of this app and I can ignore to standard bar advertisement that you see in many free apps. But what I can’t ignore is the in your face, automatic start up of a video advertisement. I want peace and quiet when I sit to read my daily horoscope, but I can’t have that with this app. As soon as you tap the “horoscope” section the user is blasted with a video. The minute you tap out of the video, it takes you to a web page advertisement. Only then can you actually read your horoscope. This is a huge turn off for me. I understand app developers are in it to make money and that the free ones need ads, but I do not understand the need for forced placement. It makes the app ugly.

The app itself is great. There is a lot of valuable information there about the various signs. When a user taps the sign, it will go to another screen. There is a pretty good detailed description of the sign. It gives a list of strengths, weaknesses, who they are compatible and not compatible with, the quality, color, flower, element and other miscellaneous information. It is easy to use and figure out, but I just can’t get over that advertising. It is because of that slight flaw that I won’t be using this app as a daily horoscope.


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