Your Essential Guide to Coming Up with a Brilliant Tech Magazine

Your Essential Guide to Coming Up with a Brilliant Tech Magazine


Magazines, brochures, flyers, leaflets, posters, and banners: these have all been used for years as effective promotional tools for any tech sites or business. The great aspect about such materials is that they are inexpensive to produce, and they can be easily distributed to customers in a variety of settings, be it a trade show, a conference, a party or corporate event, a product launch, online and so on. But having a magazine is one thing, creating a brilliant one is a different proposition altogether. There are many factors to consider. Do you want to create an excellent magazine? Here, then, is your essential guide to coming up with a brilliant tech magazine for your site or company.

1. Don’t forget a call to action

Whilst magazines can be filled with important information about your brand and business, it should also encourage your readers and audience to act. Basically, this means providing them with a call to action. Just like a banner or poster, your brochure should present your readers with a call to action – a specific task that you would like them to do. Often, audiences need to be ‘prodded’ to act, and you can do this in a subtle but effective way. Tell them to contact you or visit your social media page. Motivate them to ‘buy now’ or take advantage of your promotional discount. A clear and concise call to action is essential for any brochure to be more effective.

2. Be picky with your colours

The colours you choose will make an impact as well. One factor to bear in mind is this: it’s not about what you like, but what your audience likes. If you don’t like the colour pink but you know that your target audience will be drawn to it, then by all means, include it in your brochure. Remember that colours have a certain psychology and people respond to different colours in different ways. Colours evoke emotion, so what sort of emotion would you like to evoke with your colour choices? Also, choose colours which complement your brand and your logo.

3. Always go for quality

There’s nothing worse than having a brochure with a great message that is printed on low-quality paper or does not showcase clear pictures or images. Even if you have the most convincing message on your brochure, it wouldn’t really be as effective if it is printed on flimsy paper or has low quality printed graphics. Even though this may require a bit more when it comes to investment, it will definitely pay off in the end, as speciality printers like Better Printing, which are known for their high-quality brochures, posters, banners, and A5 folder selection, will tell you.

4. Choose great images

The images, of course, matter as well. You don’t want your brochure to be boring; people are always attracted to images. If the images you use are beautiful, fun, interesting, and intriguing, your audience’s attention will be drawn to them. Once again, images can be an investment, but it’s better to spend a bit on paid or professional images rather than generic ones. Images of the


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