Best Gaming Apps For iOS and Android

Best Gaming Apps For iOS and Android


Gaming zone for iOS users

From puzzles to racing, action to arcade, casino to strategy games we love have been diversely created and procreated. iPhones, equipped with top notch graphics and high-end machinery have proved to be the most efficient gaming devices. The Apple Store is stacked with wide variety of games and with the advancement in hardware and software of Apple devices, developers are coming up with new techniques of integrating different attributes and developing interactive games and applications.

With the rollout of iOS 11 and existence of countless number of games on the Apple Store it has become tricky to decide which games are the best. From that countless lot here is our roundup of some of the best picks available on the Apple Store across multiple range of genres:

Asphalt 8 : Airborne



Developer – Gameloft

The game is highly acclaimed and rewarded as the most successful racing game with intuitive design and silky smooth graphics but you need to have latest hardware to relish its stutter free feel. It is more than worth playing this game even if you are exhausted to finish off the last lap.

Hitman Go ($4.99)



Developer – Square Enix Inc

The approach that developer has put in developing this game for iPhone users is spectacular. With engaging gameplay and distinctively designed artwork the game is utterly ingenious featuring out favorite bald assassin, Agent 47.


Alto’s Adventure ($6.17)


Developer – Snowman

The graphical style offered by the game is more than worth your money. The game has excellent gameplay poised with delightful visual experience and it gets more and more immersive as you dive deeper into the mountains. The coolest thing about the game is the changing environment as you race down and up the mountains.

Old Man’s Journey ($4.99)



Developer – Broken Rules

The game focuses on the road traveled rather than the traveler. The game is a series of puzzles where we have to fix the obstacles so as to create a forward path. It presents a 3D serene world made out of 2D objects. It truly is a sweet game which would impel you to mesmerize a beautiful poem you once heard.

Monument Valley ($4.63)


Developer – ustwo Games Ltd.

This is a rare puzzle game which intends to keep the player moving forward empowering a sense of consistent logic. It features marvelous design with captivating gameplay. It is worth investing in this game if you want a dream to entail you for a long time.

Android and its gaming arena

If anything revolutionary has occurred in past few years in mobile technology then it is certainly in the gaming world of Android. Gaming on Android smartphones is improving at a greater pace than any other technological advancement. Since Android smartphones are now far more affordable than before, it is easy to avail an Android smartphone with high-end hardware within few bucks.

With the availability of surplus amount of games across Google Play, people find it hard to decide which one has the potential to hit their senses, considering games with huge in-app purchases, advertisements, etc. We have sorted out the following list of games for our readers, for which you will surely fall if gaming is what’s on your mind right now:

Fallout Shelter



It is a standard simulation game and is a freeware. You have to build shelters, take in dwellers and create a society whilst fighting the intruders. Sounds fun for some days? It will keep you engaged pretty well.


Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is a wild-ride like online slots game by Netent endorsed by featuring exceptionally distinctive graphics cultivating the feel of a jungle full of treasures. It is a free online casino game with 5 reels and 20 paylines fueling a striking avalanche feature. It is different and unique in comparison to other online games and worth giving a shot. 


NOVA Legacy



It is no doubt one of the best games available on Google Play with above average graphics and user friendly controls. It involves sci-fi screenplay and also features multiplayer mode. Its previous version was NOVA, still credited as the most successful game available for Android gamers.

Pokemon Go



It was one of the most viral games of 2016. The game was a huge success involving real world exploration and finding Pokestops. The lengths it has smothered are truly beyond the reach of any other Android game.

Limbo ($4.99)



It is a famous black and white X-box game which has come to Android. It has the story of a boy who is on a mission to find his missing sister. It has won over 100 awards and is sure to give you chills and thrills as it features horror storyline.


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