Wunderlist iPhone App

Wunderlist iPhone App


Wunderlist iPhone App Review

Simplicity. That may be the best feature of this wonderful app that has benefited me so. There are numerous projects, events and chores that I need to get done each week, and carrying around a notepad and pen has always proved to be inconvenient and ungainly. I’ve tried many different list/to-do apps and they all failed to deliver the one thing that I wanted: to make my life easier.

Immediately intuitive, Wunderlist allows you to create a list from the go and start adding items. Each item can be customized with a note for further details, due dates, and important items can be starred. You can also easily move items between lists and sync updates across all your computers and devices. A tutorial is handily available should you need to be reminded how to do all these things. Wunderlist offers you a variety of ways to view your lists, including items completed, due tomorrow, due the coming week, or with no due date. One drawback is its lack of visual customization; the font size and style is fixed and there are only nine simple options for backgrounds. Putting this small matter aside, this handy app has given me the organization that my often-clustered lifestyle craves and I would be lost without it.


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