Wunder Radio: Play Live Radio Stations from Anywhere in the World!

Wunder Radio: Play Live Radio Stations from Anywhere in the World!

wunder radio ipad app review
Tune me in!

The iPad2 is increasingly replacing the need to use my laptop due to its easy web browsing, social networking avenues, vast amount of games and useful apps like Pages. Since downloading this Wunder Radio app, I now no longer need to turn on my stereo either! I guess I’ll be making more use of my ebay App then!

Wunder Radio is a fantastic app for both the iPhone and iPad as it allows users to listen to a large directory of live radio stations from all around the world, no matter where the user may be. This is ideal when travelling abroad or away on business as you can still simple select your home town radio station and listen to the live broadcasts of news, sports and music. Just remember, when they announce the time of day that it’s most likely to be incorrect for you the listener when abroad. It will really throw you off for a second!

Radio stations can be found by searching from a large selection of locations around the world or by the particular type of radio station. Creating a favourites list is also a quick and easy way to find the radio stations that appeal to you most. Users can also listen to live sports commentary and contact radio stations directly via the Twitter link. The Radio stations load quickly and the app provides very good sound quality. An all round useful and must have app for any user who wants to stay tuned in!



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