#Winning – Charlie Sheen iPhone App Makes Winners Of Us All

#Winning – Charlie Sheen iPhone App Makes Winners Of Us All


Charlie Sheen iPhone Apps Makes Winners Of Us All

If anyone has been following the very public meltdown/ascendancy to a higher plain of Charlie Sheen, this is the app for you. Amongst claims of having, “tiger blood” and, “adonis DNA”, Sheen’s keenest catchphrase is that he’s constantly, “winning” in every area of his life. When asked by an interview whether his erratic behavoiur could be explained by him possibly being bi-polar, he replied that he was, “bi-winning!” Seriously, this is television gold. Anyway, Mention Mobile have devised an app that will tag any of your pictures with the phrase, ‘#WINNING.’ Pull a hot chick? You’re winning. Fly around the world on a private jet? Definitely winning. Successfully re-negotiate your contract to get $3 Million per episode as opposed to the previous $2 Million? You have won. Enjoy, you Vatican assassins, you.

Click here to watch the infamous interview with the King Winner himself.


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