Why Medical Apps Are Helping To Cut the Amount of People Who...

Why Medical Apps Are Helping To Cut the Amount of People Who Visit Doctors


People nowadays seem to self-diagnose and generally self-medicate and find no need to go to there GP. Gone are the days when you go to see your doctor and having to wait for at least 30 – 40 minutes to be seen because of the amount of people ahead of you in the queue and that’s even if you booked an appointment. I have been to the doctors recently (after about 8 years) and I was in and out within 10 minutes. I was simply amaze how quick it was. I started to think this is due to new systems that they setup, however those systems still have issues.

So why was I able to get in and out so quickly. Well I realised that there was less people in the queue and it wasn’t due to the day or time but due to people going to visit doctors less. This is partly due to people going online and diagnosing their condition. Sometimes it can be scary other times it’s very useful. This is what I do for sure hence the reason I had no need to visit the doctor I simply head to the Appstore and checkout the numerous amount of medical apps they have available. I search my condition and symptoms and they do give you a possible condition. If I think it’s serious then I head to the doctor.

There are a number of medical apps available for instance Instant Heart Rate Monitor. It’s true that blood pressure and heart rate normally rise but it does always link. A doctor will prescribe medicine to lower blood pressure and encourage you to make lifestyle changes. These could include losing weight, increasing exercise and limiting alcohol intake. The app helps with this and points you in the right direction.

Medical Dictionary – Healthcare Terminology, there are a lot of medical terms. Knowing what they mean is important. The iOS medical dictionary app that gives you instant access to more than 180,000 medical terms, over 50,000 audio pronunciations, and 12,000 images, all from authoritative sources, including McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, Elsevier, Mosby’s, Saunders, Dorland’s, Gale, and more.

Pharmacy2u – What about getting your prescription? You will need to be prescribed this medication, but fortunately, it is now fast and easy to arrange this with online pharmacists like Pharmacy2U where you can arrange online consultations as well that could result in a prescription.

There are loads more apps to help keep you out the doctors office and help to narrow and pinpoint what you are suffering. It does go without saying, if you are not sure what’s going on with your health it’s important that you visit the doctors.


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