What’s the Difference between a Parcel and Courier Service?

What’s the Difference between a Parcel and Courier Service?


When you’re looking for a company to take care of your parcel delivery needs, you’ll typically come across two types of services. The first is a parcel service and the other is a courier service.

It’s a common misconception that parcel and courier services are exactly the same. However, the two are actually slightly different. So, before you decide which company to select for your parcel delivery needs, it helps to know the difference between the two services.

What are parcel and courier services?

Parcel services are typically designed to deliver small individual parcels to customers and clients. Courier services on the other hand provide a much wider range of services. They specialise in bulk and heavy parcel orders.

The reason many people get confused is because many local courier services also offer parcel delivery and collection services. So, what exactly are the differences between the two?

Understanding the main differences

There’s a few main differences between parcel and courier services. The first, as mentioned above, is that parcel services are better for individual, light goods. Courier services on the other hand are ideal for bulk, heavy items.

Another difference is the speed of delivery. Courier services tend to be a much better option for next and same day deliveries, while parcel services are better for standard deliveries. So, if you have fairly heavy, large goods to transport quickly, a courier service is ideal. Otherwise, for lighter parcels, it would be cheaper to go with a parcel delivery service.

The importance of choosing the right service

These days, it’s absolutely imperative businesses choose the right delivery services. Thanks to the boom in online e-commerce, consumers have come to expect reliable and speedy delivery. If you opt for the wrong type of service, it could cause a delay in delivery which would ultimately damage your reputation. It could also prove costlier than it needs to be.

Choosing the right type of service will boost your reputation, improve customer relationships and improve overall efficiency. There’s also the fact the right delivery service can help you to attract and retain customers, in turn boosting your profit margins.

As you can see, it’s important to understand the differences between a parcel and courier service before you choose one to handle your business deliveries. However, there are also companies which incorporate both parcel and courier services which could prove best for businesses with varying delivery needs.



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