Whiteboard HD Turns Your iPad into a Powerful Presentation Tool

Whiteboard HD Turns Your iPad into a Powerful Presentation Tool


We’ve already told you and you’ve probably heard it from Apple as well that the iPad is a great multimedia consumption device. And this has been proven by the many apps that supported this claim. But up until now, what the iPad has not proven to the public is whether it could be an effective productivity tool. Enter Whiteboard HD, a new app from a company named Avici. Simply put, Whiteboard HD is a powerful visualization, collaboration and learning tool for the iPad.

What this app does is to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard that you can use during corporate meetings, working group sessions, classroom activities, for professional coaches and practically any activity that needs a whiteboard to demonstrate a process flow, diagrams, or even a simple sketch of an object in the case of an artist.

Now, who would think that such a dimunitive device like an iPad can be used for all those purposes? Honestly, I never thought this is possible, but actually it is. So, how can you collaborate on sketches, brainstorm on ideas and student projects using Whiteboard HD? Simple – connect your iPad to an external monitor or projectors through an iPad VGA adapter and from then on, the collaborative possibilities will be endless. What’s even good is the fact that since you are actually working on the iPad, you can easily save everything and even bookmark notes, images and diagrams within the app itself. Right after that, you can easily send everything to others via email.

Some of the things that the app lets you do include, add shapes and lines or draw free-form sketches. The app even allows you to use several pre-loaded backgrounds or if you don’t like those backgrounds you can use your own images from the iPad photo library. The app lets you easily resize shapes and drawings as well as move them anywhere through multi-touch gestures, tap and pinch commands. Line and shape colors can also be altered as well.

Bottomline is, Whiteboard HD may just be another drawing app for the iPad, but when used in the business or other more formal settings, it is a very useful productivity iPad app plus of course the coolness factor that it would emit when use an iPad for those purposes.

Whiteboard for HD is available now from the App Store for $5.99. If you see yourself doing these collaborative presentations, you’d be better off with this app on your iPad.


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