WhatsApp – Instant messaging made easy

WhatsApp – Instant messaging made easy


WhatsApp instant messaging for iPhoneUpdated 23rd June 2010, By Tymon Wiedemair, £ 0.59

In a time where social networking continues to dominate our everyday life, the iPhone provides another source for interaction with friends and colleagues around the world. As I close my laptop and settle down for the evening by logging out of Facebook and Twitter, low and behold I see my new iPhone 4 light up before me.

‘WhatsApp’.  For those who aren’t already aware of this app, I doubt there are many, WhatsApp provides a way of instant messaging between smartphones and utilizes push notifications allowing you to send and receive messages, pictures and videos at no cost. Now already being somewhat of an app geek and having a general and slightly unhealthy obsession with the iPhone, I have made some serious usage of this app. Having the opportunity to conveniently text friends and family when the chance arises is something that should be heralded as a work of genius, that is of course unless you have that slightly annoying friend who tends to ‘whatsapp you’ every five minutes.

Texts, pictures and video all available to send on WhatsApp

Nevertheless, currently ranked as number 3 in the App Store charts, this app warrants its place amongst the most popular. With iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia users all capable of networking with one another it provides a very effortless and trouble free way of communication whilst also being very reliable. Having already established itself amongst the iPhone community, it is a great cost-effective way of getting in touch with people and most certainly will be around for the long haul. With no hidden costs, no international charges and a system which automatically adds people with the app to your contact list, it really is just a simple way of saying ‘What’s up?’


  1. Having already purchased this app and being an avid iPhone user, I couldn’t agree more with this article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well written and thought out comments just what’s needed in a review. Got the app after reading this and it’s been great! Good work!

  3. Love this App used it in the US to keep in contact with people back home. Able to send pics really easily and all for free, just make sure your data roaming is off and your on Wi-Fi. Great Review.

  4. Downloaded this app last nite after reading this review…..WOW has revolutionised my life!!!!! Thank you reviewer you’ve made me very ‘Appy’ 🙂

  5. Brilliant app, downloaded it not long after reading this review. It has made communication between me and friends so much easier. I would definitely recommend it to others


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