Wednesday’s News Round up: iPad 2! The Return!

Wednesday’s News Round up: iPad 2! The Return!


So, the iPad 2’s release date is set for the 2nd of March!  Hoorah!  This is based on the fact that Loopinsight have received an invitation for an Apple event to be held at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, which has been the location for previous Apple product launches, including the original iPad.

The word on the street is that Verison are offering very generous deals on service plans for Apple’s retail store employees, trying to tempt them over to their side for all of their wireless needs.  Rumour has it that employees can pay the non-subsidized price of $649.99 for a 16 Gb iPhone 4, for example, and then pay just $25 a month for 1,500 monthly minutes, along with unlimited texts and data.

And keeping us in the loop with all things digital, the Daily ‘iPad Newspaper’ will apparently be launching on Android this Spring.  Just another stepping stone in Rupert Murdoch’s plans for world domination?!


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