Freesaurus: Lost for words? Let your iPhone help!

Freesaurus: Lost for words? Let your iPhone help!

Freesaurus iphone app review
Let your iPhone do the talking with the Freesaurus app.

For all you writers out there, this is one for you! As we all know many writers do a lot of work on the go, (who knows when inspiration will strike?!) and for that very reason this is one app I couldn’t be without.

Freesaurus is your thesaurus and dictionary on the run, so you’ll never be lost for words again! What’s best of all about this app is how easy it is to use; type in your word and immediately you are presented with synonyms, antonyms and similar or related words. Each of these words can then be accessed with a tap of your finger to find another list of words linked to your new selection.

Are synonyms not what you’re after? Never fear! This app also comes with a dictionary feature built in; just tap the dictionary bar at the top of your screen to see word definitions too. Your vocabulary will be ever expanding with this app, the supply of words just goes on and on; no more waiting to get to an internet hotspot to look up that words as it’s there ready and waiting to be found right on your iPhone.

Words will never be lost in a sentence with this app’s useful tagging of nouns, adjectives, verbs and so on, so there’s no reason for a word to be out of place! Take your writing to another level with all these words at your disposal.


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