VoiceJam: Record, Loop and Layer to your Hearts Content

VoiceJam: Record, Loop and Layer to your Hearts Content


VoiceJam iPhone App Review

Record, loop and layer up your sounds to create a live musical performance wherever you are. VoiceJam gives you the tools to write an entire song using just your voice or the sounds around you; clicks, claps or even a tap on a door or a blow on a glass bottle.

Award winning vocal pro audio specialist TC-Helicon has drawn on their knowledge of vocal effects and put together a clever and easy to use app. Being the only company out there purely focused on vocalists’ needs you can be sure this app is built to the highest spec. Although £2.99 might seem a hefty price tag, what you get is a superb loop app, built by the professionals and capable of endless possibilities.

Tap to begin recording, then tap to set your loop; start with some rhythm then expand your song by layers loops on one-another. You can assign different loops to each of the six positions on the screen, making it easy for your live compositions to switch ideas and directions.

For those with experience with loop pedals, you will get to grips with this instantly. But for those who haven’t had much exposure to digital effects, the step-by-step tutorial is very helpful; a voice-over gives real-time interactive demonstrations while you create your first live masterpiece.

Once you’ve crafted your songs and you feel the world is ready to hear he fruits of your labour, you can instantly upload your tracks onto the SoundCloud online music network. Write bass lines, vocal harmonies and melodies to develop your evolving songs and shape your music; truly a must have for the musicians’ toy box.


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