Video Greeting Card: Moonpig has Nothing to worry About

Video Greeting Card: Moonpig has Nothing to worry About


Video Greeting Card iPhone App Review
I should point out first that I’m not exactly the biggest advocate of cards. I find them a little cheap and pointless, but not in a ‘it’sall a money making scheme’ sort of way, It’s just that I tend to consider them an afterthought when people haven’t made much effort. Handmade cards, now that’s an idea I can get behind.

Anyway, the whole E-Card idea is slightly more appealing idea, at least in the sense that you’re not only doing your bit for the environment but you also get the feeling that people have made a tad more effort creating a personalised video for the recipient.

The Video Greeting Card app allows that functionality on the go, providing numerous card templates – Anniversary, Birthday, Friendship, Sorry, Love – with something for every occasion. What’s more the app is relatively easy to use and has been designed with a pencil sketch kind of look.

So far so good then, but unfortunately the deeper you delve into the app, the sooner you discover that actually it’s a waste of money, because the templates actually look rather cheap. It’s a real shame, but the fact remains that it doesn’t matter how good the app looks, if the e-card you send looks rubbish, what’s the point?

You’re more likely to look not only like an idiot for sending the tacky dancing stick man, but also a little cheap. Additionally, with only 45 seconds allowed for the video you can add, it’s fair to say that you can’t say anything particularly meaningful, which you might actually be able to do if you had a whole page to write on in an actual card.

Plus at £1.49 I wouldn’t recommend the app at all because it’s far too expensive for something that ultimately looks far too cheap and tacky. Granted you could use it over and over again, whereas you might have to keep buying actual cards, but if you actually want to show someone you care, the Video Greeting Card appisn’t the way to go about it.


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