Understanding DasEcosystem: How DasCoin’s Multi-Service Platform Works

Understanding DasEcosystem: How DasCoin’s Multi-Service Platform Works


DasCoin launched their blockchain technology in the “Crypto Valley” of Zurich, Switzerland on March 31, 2017. During the course of the past year, they have been keen to add a number of noteworthy improvements to their platform.

The DasEcosystem is a cluster of services the company offers. It includes blockchain, e-wallet and exchange functionalities.


  • It is a Hybrid Ecosystem

DasEcosystem is a hybrid of centralized and decentralized digital assets models blend together to build one sustainable and efficient ecosystem.

What that means is they took the strengths of both fiat currencies and other digital currencies and combined them to create a uniquely balanced cryptocurrency.


For example:

  • Unlike other crypto platforms DasCoin only allows verified users to enjoy its ecosystem. Verified users are great for ensuring all operations happen above board, and no compromises are made to the system’s integrity.
  • They have a central authority that oversees operations such as who decides on the amount of DasCoins to mint and how to curb inflation.
  • They are fully compliant with Know Your Customer, Combating Terrorism Funding (CTF), and Anti-money laundering policies.
  • Their permissioned blockchain combines a centralized coin minting and decentralized coin distributions.


  • It includes Incentivized Marketing through Word-of-Mouth

A unique quality of the system is how one stands to gain from the DasCoin referral program. Current users can advise their yet-to-join friends and family members to join in through their affiliate links.

The referring members then gain commissions for adding members to the DasCoin family. How much it pays to onboard a new signee is not really clear, but it is cool to see a new way of earning hard cash from a cryptocurrency platform.


  • Build to Power Greater Liquidity

DasCoin’s system is made to support other cryptocurrency exchanges within it, such as Bitcoin. That means users can enjoy the benefits of a one-stop solution for creating, holding, transferring and exchanging DasCoins.  

This is a part of what the company refers to as Infrastructure-as-a-service.

Furthermore, DasEcosystem can process up to 100,000 transactions per second. And payments take just six seconds to apply. That is easily the fastest blockchain ecosystem around, ensuring you get your time’s worth in full throughout your interactions with them.   


  • You deal in licenses—not mining

While you mine bitcoins to provide Proof of Work (PoW), it is slightly different at DasCoin. Users reach a consensus when an inbuilt algorithm randomly selects which licensed node makes up the following block.

They refer to this apparatus as “Proof of License”. But most other aspects of their blockchain technology remain similar to other cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Understanding DasCoin’s DasEcosystem will help you analyze which of their services are most attractive to you. It is a fairly complex system. But once you wrap your head around it, it is quite simple to master.


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