Online Rummy – The ideal travel companion

Online Rummy – The ideal travel companion


People who keep travelling usually try to find a way to kill boredom. Those who travel alone face this situation, especially when the travel hours are longer. You would be desperately looking forward for a companion who can release you from the boredom. But if constant travelling is what your job demands, there is nothing more you can do. Isn’t it? Not only regular travellers, even occasional travellers find it exhaustive when the travel hours are quite long. Same is the case when you stay alone in hotels or cottages. You would search for a solution to while away the idle time in a productive way. When you can carry an internet connected smart phone working on Android platform with you, your issue is half solved. And if that mobile has a Rummy app downloaded with it, consider your problem as totally solved. Yes, the best companion one can have while travelling is an online Rummy app. Let us now see how the game of online Rummy proves to be a traveller’s best saviour.

Is online Rummy a better companion than co-travellers?

Ok, what if you are travelling with outspoken and friendly co-travellers on a longer journey? Will they prove to be better companions than an online Rummy? Well they can but only for a very brief period. Every individual will have his own sleeping time, eating time, etc., and will have his own habits to do at a given time. So, it is highly impossible that they would be free to have conversations with you at the time of your choice, isn’t it? But a mobile is all yours. You can open it and play online Rummy at any given time. Since online Rummy games are available 24×7 it is the best companion which comes to your rescue being available any time and so is better than co-travellers any day.

A soothing companion during waiting time:

Forget about long travel time, even a little over the top delay before commuting trains or flights can be really frustrating. Sometimes the delays may be unprecedented more so in a country like India where people keep travelling as a family and on business trips. During those times, online Rummy can be your soothing companion. When you play Rummy, even a couple of hours’ delay may look like a very brief wait. Once you get involved in the game, you will not mind the delay at all. On the other hand, you get a feel of having achieved something, having played Rummy and win some amount of money.

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Making new friends:

You can always make friends playing online Rummy. There is a chat window in every online Rummy site where you can chat with your fellow players and strike friendship with them. By exchanging your views with them and knowing in depth about them you will be able to make new friends. These friends, in fact, will become part and parcel of your life soon as they are bound to come online every day through Rummy for playing this wonderful game. Thus, it is almost impossible to imagine a day without them and just like your childhood friendship. Plus, you can also be better rivals, not developing any sort of jealously towards the other with true sporting spirit. No wonder Rummy game is called the best companion.

Reduces stress:

Rummy acts as a great stress buster and helps you take better decisions. For example, a businessman travelling round the clock for a new venture may well be holding so many confusions and anxieties with him wondering what future may in store for him. When one carries so much negative thoughts with him, he may fail to strike the deal that he is supposed to. So, it is important for people on long travels to look and be pleasant always. An online Rummy player gets totally relaxed playing the game during travel that he gets rid of any negative thoughts that crops up in his mind quickly. When he ends up reaching his destination thus, he would be in a positive mood that whatever he attempts is more likely to bear fruit.

Thus, playing online Indian Rummy while on travel will be your greatest possible companion ready to help you in times of need.


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