‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs’ App offers tablature for all of your favourite songs!

‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs’ App offers tablature for all of your favourite songs!


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It’s only Rock and Roll but iLike it! ‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs’ App offers tablature for all of your favourite songs!

There are some musicians who will never have to pick up a song book, or read a note of music, having been blessed with perfect pitch at birth and can therefore unleash a flawless rendition of any song within minutes of first hearing it. Then there are the other 99.999% of us, who actually have to learn our favourite songs the old-fashioned way. However, trawling through second-hand music books or deciphering the scribbles that your mate’s older brother jotted down for you isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, and let’s face it, hardly rock and roll.

Well, ‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs’ provides iPhone users with the chance to learn any song of their choosing, simply by logging on to their database and browsing the collection of guitar, bass and drum tablature as well as chords and lyrics for over 300,000 songs! You can use the Advanced Search tool to specify which instrument it is that you want to use, which part of the song it is that takes your fancy, as well as the difficulty level of the piece and its tuning.

The ‘Random Tab’ button is an excellent way to try out songs that you would never usually consider learning. Also, the Auto Scroll function allows you to play the tabs continuously, without pausing to drag down the page.

Another cool feature is the Tab Pack option, which gives the user a set of pre-grouped tabs that come under a specific genre and skill level; so, if you want to be a punk rocker in the morning then you can whizz through The Ramones back catalogue, then chill out with some lazy blues in the afternoon before finishing the night off by shredding through a classic Metal Tab Pack.

Purists may scoff at the easy accessibility of it all and declare that unless you’re hunched over a gramophone, tortuously working the notes out one by one, then it ‘ain’t proper music’…feel free to silence them with a deafening display of your ever-growing repertoire before filling all of the spare time that you have saved learning songs the fun way with some good old rock and roll fun!



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