Ultimate App for Your Restaurant: Employee Scheduling Software

Ultimate App for Your Restaurant: Employee Scheduling Software


Some apps are fun, some apps are informative, and some apps can transform the way your business operates. For many small- and medium-sized restaurants owned by millennials, the latter means turning to employee scheduling software. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into this software to learn a little more about all the features surrounding schedule creation, as well as all the other ways it can give your business a boost.

Excellent Schedules, Quickly

The primary function of employee scheduling software is to make schedules that all your employees will love quickly, and this software can reduce the amount of time you spend creating schedules by as much as 80%. You can cut the back and forth telephoning by 70%. This means, not only does this software make a frustrating and mundane task easy to perform, but your employees can spend more of their time at work focusing on the work that’s most needed. 

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You can get more info to see how employee scheduling software uses predictive technology and manual inputs to create responsive schedules that balances everybody’s needs.

Streamlined Communication

Sometimes restaurants can face a snag after the schedule has been created — still, employee scheduling software has a solution. Let’s say that a manager needs to find a replacement for a shift on short notice. All they have to do is send a message to the group thread. Because everyone gets a notification on their phone the instant the message is received, only the minimum amount of time passes before the team knows a replacement is needed. 

Whoever is free to work can tell the group, and the problem gets solved long before the need for a replacement becomes a crisis. This allows staff to stay connected on the go, but the app’s communication tools help employees keep their personal lives organized, and reduce the time it takes to chat with colleagues about work related issues.

If an employee finds out they need time off work, they can submit the request to their manager right away through the app, so they don’t need to wait to physically get to the restaurant to put in the request. On the flip side, they can also post when they’re available to work. Managers are always in the know.

Employee scheduling software also lets you chat with individual employees, create group chats, as well as start conversations with only the specific colleagues any situation requires. If a manager needs to send the entire team an update, they can send an announcement via email that will be accompanied by a push notification. 

Employee scheduling software also has other very important and powerful features, such as a secure and advanced time-clock, manager-facing dashboards containing all the important data about the restaurant’s performance and economic health, and even a devoted section for staff feedback. 

Employee scheduling software is an easy and powerful tool that keeps your restaurant seamlessly connected in ways your managers and frontline employees will love. If you add on the way it creates such amazing schedules so quickly and responsively, it’s popularity is easy to understand.


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