Press Release by Developer:

Mobile developer MS Internet are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Olly Smith’s Wine App’, a fantastic new offering for iPhone from the popular TV personality in association with Stepping Stone Media. The application offers advice, information and enthusiasm to anyone who wants to get more out of the wine they drink.

Whether you are an established wine lover or taking your first steps into the world of wine, ‘Olly Smith’s Wine App’ has something for everyone. You’ll find a wine guide which helps users to choose the perfect accompaniment for every meal; exclusive video content, and essential ‘how to’ guides. The app also features the latest in GPS technology that allows users to search for the perfect wine in their local area or on the web.

The eye catching design of the app reflects Olly Smith’s larger than life persona, and remains highly accessible for all users. Olly hopes that wine lovers everywhere will use his expertise to branch out and discover the glories that wine can offer. He says:

“This app is about maximising your enjoyment of wine and taking the risk out of trying something different. I want to empower users with a bit of knowledge.”

The new app is already proving very popular. Fans have said:

“I’ve only just downloaded your app and was using it while I was out for a meal with my wife. I must say it’s a brilliant App and was so useful when choosing a full bodied red wine. “

“At last an App that you can refer to when you need that help in choosing the right wine….
Brilliant idea Olly….”

Olly Smith’s Wine App Features:

• The Wine Guide helps you search for the perfect drop based on the dish on your plate, the food in your shopping basket, what the occasion is, what you usually drink or simply what you’re in the mood for.
• Wines of the Week offers a selection of Olly’s top recommendations with details of where to get hold of them across a horde of price points and retailers.
• Nearly an hour of exclusive video includes: Guides to the major grape varieties, ‘How to’ demonstrations of everything from serving and decanting to opening a bottle of fizz, ‘Meet the Sommelier’, introducing some of Olly’s favourite sommeliers at some of the best restaurants in the land and showing you how to get the best out of their expertise, Guides to the gadgets, gizmos and wine kit to make sure you get the most out of your vino every time.
• The Find Wine section is very handy – it uses your current location to give you the nearest wine stockists wherever you are in the UK at the touch of a button. You can instantly link to their contact details and visit current websites. There is also a list of Olly’s favourite online wine stockists.
• Larks – You can shake your phone to get Olly’s Words of Wisdom, with everything from food and drink matching inspiration to the tip on Sir Roger Moore’s favourite wine (Sancerre, in case you’re wondering). You can blow into your phone and sound your very own Wine Horn, to announce to anyone present that it is Wine O’Clock! Keeping in touch is a big part of this app.

Olly Smith’s Wine App is available from the iTunes App store at £2.99.

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or an absolute beginner, the ‘Olly Smith Wine App’ contains everything you could possibly need to get the most out of your love of wine.


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