Turn Your Mobile Into An Online Casino With Bitcoins

Turn Your Mobile Into An Online Casino With Bitcoins



There’s a cool little word around the place that sounds a lot like something a Bond villain might be dabbling in; cryptocurrency. ‘Crypto’ comes from the Greek ‘hidden’, or ‘to hide’, and currency is used in its standard way. My spellchecker tells me it’s not actually a word, but I can assure you it very much is. Cryptocurrency refers to a form of100%  digital currency which uses crytopgraphy to secure financial transactions. The first and most prominent of these contemporary currencies is Bitcoin, which was introduced in 2008 via an enigmatic Japanese entrepreneur, who was possibly not one man, but a group of enigmatic Japanese entrepreneurs. Sounds like a good development for our Bond plot.

Bitcoin has been embraced by the online community because of two main reasons; it’s safe and it’s easy. There’s no middlemen to pay off with hidden fees, as the system is strictly peer-to-peer. That means there’s more incentive for merchants and sellers all over the world to start accepting it as a viable currency, as the 3% and 5% fees the PayPals, banks and credit card companies cream off are absent. But let’s also be clear; bitcoin is a real and legal currency. It’s valuable too. As of today’s exchange rate, 1 bitcoin is worth just under £170, which is a hell of a lot actually. With all these pros, it’s no wonder the currency has been embraced by the online gambling community. It’s now a simple process to turn your mobile into an online, transportable casino, at your beck and call whenever the mood takes you. And yes, I do realise that ‘mobile’ is of course a synonym for ‘transportable’.

There’s many sites out there offering casino based games for a bitcoin price. While some well-established real-life money casino sites and apps are resigning to the fact that bitcoin is becoming wildly popular, others have been set up specifically to deal with the bitcoin influx. Some sites have been designed to work with bitcoins, and they offer all the fun of the fair with the security and ease that comes from this original cryptocurrency, including the possibility to play Bitcoin casino games on mobile devices.

If you’ve wanted to try online gambling on your mobile, but have been skeptical of handing over personal details or wary of dodgy and/or lax security, bitcoin may be the revelation you’ve been waiting for. It’s safe, secure and convenient. Open up a wallet, get mining them bitcoins (the process by which one acquires the said currency) and head over to a bitcoin casino to start playing the odds on your iPhone or Android.


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