Trover: Another Social Networking iPhone App

Trover: Another Social Networking iPhone App


Trover iPhone App Review
Introduction: Trover is a visual social networking app. Share your discoveries with friends and other city explorers. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to have fun with Trover. Think of it as Facebook, Yelp, Foursquared and Pinterest all mashed together.


  • Ability to log in with Facebook, allowing you to share and connect with more friends.
  • Friend invite via Twitter.
  • Snapping and sharing photos is a breeze.
  • Featured section has some beautiful photography and a lot of great historical information about some places.


  • No matter what city I put in around me, I got 75% of the same batch of photographs. After a while it got rather boring. I tested it out on a city an hour away from me; there were a mere three photos to be had. I wasn’t impressed.
  • Because the photos are user generated some of them just are dumb. No way to be nice about that.

Summary: While I can appreciate a great social networking program and can see the value in an app like this, it was extremely limited in my area and it makes me wonder if others will have the same problem. In time a database will develop when more people catch on to Trover, but by then I wonder if we will have all moved on to the next best thing.
For someone living in a large metropolitan area this might work out better for you. While doing random searching and checking out the feed and featured categories, many of the photos and discoveries are not in America.


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