TripList: Organising your Travel Needs!

TripList: Organising your Travel Needs!

TripList iPhone App Review
Get packing!

The summer season is upon us and that can only mean one thing….time to plan for a well deserved summer holiday! Whether you are going for a camping break, golfing holiday, luxurious cruise, family break or any type of travel vacation, this fantastic TripList app is a must have!

This organisational travel app will aid users pack and prepare for their holidays with ease! Firstly, users select the type of trip they are preparing for and then start compiling their packing and preparation items from the very useful category lists presented, which are relevant to their trip. For example; when planning for a summer holiday, the categories include clothing, toiletries and documents, which are all vital to this type of trip. Users can then select the items they require from each category and can also add and customise their items to create lists that are personal and specific to their travel needs. The to-do category is particularly useful as it acts as a great reminder for relevant tasks, such as book travel insurance and exchange money. Items can be easily ticked off once they have been packed or completed.

The app is clear, easy to use and contains great sound effects. Users can save particular trips as templates, saving them time when preparing for their next familiar trip. No need to add sun cream on for the next summer break, as it will already be saved in your template trip. A great feature of this app is the support for multiple users and multiple trips.

TripList can also be used with DropBox and Tripit, which is ideal for backing up data and linking and importing information. Users also have the option to export their compiled trip lists in plaintext to email. This is useful when sending the list for others to review. Overall, this is a great app to get users organised for their travels and to ensure no essential items are left behind.

This app organises everything so all that’s left for you to do is have a fantastic break!

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  1. Would be awesome if you could set actual reminders on your iPhone in the to-do list section. So it gave you a push notification on your phone the day you were suppose to do it.

  2. Great thinking Laura. That makes sense as there is no guarantee the user will remember to actually complete the tasks on their to do list. An update idea for the developers!