Trip To Worlds: Travel Journal and Social Connection Combined! (Two free...

Trip To Worlds: Travel Journal and Social Connection Combined! (Two free codes at the end)


Trip To Worlds iPhone App Review

Pros: Do you enjoy keeping a journal or travel diary of all the amazing places you have visited? If so, this app could be your perfect travel companion! It acts as a travel journal and social connection app all in one, as it allows users to login via their Facebook account and list their friends according to their country of residence automatically. Users without a Facebook account can still access this app as a guest user. The personal world map is a great feature, allowing users to mark the countries they have visited by colour and impressively logs the distance users have travelled. Users can record and track their travel experiences by writing overviews, uploading picture galleries and trip ratings. These can then be shared via Facebook, allowing family and friends to keep track of wherever users have been or may be in the world. Any update on the world map also automatically updates the distance counter; leaving users amazed at how many miles they have travelled in total during their lifetime.

Overall, Trip to Worlds is an easy to use, interactive and colourful app that acts as a useful travel tool.

Cons: A great update could include separating countries into sub-categories, such as capital cities and main towns. For example; highlighting New York in the United States will accurately pinpoint locations further and make individual maps more precise. This could also include islands, such as the Greek islands Corfu and Santorini, instead of only having the option of Greece. The map could also have the continents or country names placed on it to make it easier for users to select an area.



  1. This is a cool app, I think its concept is well done. I personally enjoy because i’m an avid traveler, I feel tat if you don’t travel that regurlaly or just don’t care, than maybe it’s not that useful. I wonder if Gnome Escape will review this app.


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