Top Ten Apps for Real Estate Agents and Professionals

Top Ten Apps for Real Estate Agents and Professionals


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Almost every industry has been affected by the technological development that has swept the world over the last ten years. It is now possible to get an app and access it anywhere on your phone or tablet. These apps can enable you to run a business from the other side of the world, or simply make it easier to provide the best service possible to your customers. Even real estate agents and professionals can benefit from these apps; the best of which are as follows:


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This app is designed with the customer in mind. It lists all property for sale and can even show properties from multiple agencies. Zillow also offers some useful extras such as a mortgage calculator and property estimates. If you can to use it, you should know that you can download it for free from the Android or Apple market.

Google Maps

Google Maps is essential when out and about. Showing a client a perfect property is only half way to closing the deal. Being able to display its exact location will ensure your client views properties they are genuinely interested in.

Mortgage Calculator

This app is relatively self explanatory. You simply answer a few questions and the app will tell you the amount you can borrow; the costs over a given term and even provides the date you will make your final payment.


This app will provide you with relevant information regarding the area you are currently visiting. Sitegeist displays facts such as number of residents, average age, average temperatures, commuting trends and even political contributions. The app will also provide you with a list of nearby places which are worth a visit. This should help put your client’s mind at rest before they commit to any property.


This ingenious app allows you to convert any measurement into a different one. For example, feet into inches or miles into kilometers. Simple but essential! Use Vert to make sure that the property you’re analyzing is right for you, your client or investor.

Cam Scanner

When you have convinced someone that they have found their dream home you will need to complete a huge amount of paperwork. This handy app allows you to scan any document using the camera on the phone. They will appear as scans and save you needing to rush back to the office to take care of paperwork.


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This app is incredibly popular with a great many people and the vast majority of industries. The DropBox app will allow you to save any document onto your cloud storage and then access it wherever you are, at any time of the day or night. It is possible to access the files from almost any computer, tablet or phone and the paperwork can even be shared with those who need it; such as a lawyer.

PDF Escape

This is the perfect app to allow you to sign documents on the go. You will need to create a digital version of your signature and save it where you can access it easily, no matter where you are. The signature can then be added to any document and forwarded to the relevant people. It is worth recommended this to your clients as it can save a considerable amount of time.


Dotloop is an extension on idea of signing forms. The app will allow you to upload a form and mark where your client needs to sign. You then simply send the document to your client who verifies they are who they say they are and the app will guide them through the document ensuring they do not forget to sign (electronically) in the right places.

Sign Easy

Last but not least, we have Sign Easy; which has made the process of signing documents on the go exceptionally easy. You will need to create an account and then ‘draw’ your signature. This is saved in the app and can then be added to any document; even if you are accessing them via your phone!

Make home selling a lot easier and stay updated to the latest changes in the market with the apps mentioned above. Become a professional in the field and gain a stellar reputation!

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