Tips for Finding The Top Rated RC Autos Game To Play For...

Tips for Finding The Top Rated RC Autos Game To Play For Fun


Did you know that your smartphone has some of the most amazing games? I concluded that this is one place where you can get the best RC auto sets. There are cool gizmos which you can control with just an app!

To help you get only the best, I have taken the time to narrow down your options with some impressive reviews here. So, do you want to have fun? Yes? Well, then go ahead and get some of these auto games. Remember that even as you grow old, don’t forget about the kid in you!


While I was looking for a RC phone-controlled toy, Sphero was my first choice. It won a place in my geeky heart. Now you can get it at a reduced price of $125 and $150. So, what are you waiting for?

The BB-8 is just like a spheral ball. The difference is that you can remove its magnetic head. I also found that you can move the bot using your phone from close to 100 feet. The whole time it will be rolling with a high speed of 5 miles every hour. What’s more, it comes with voice command!

Sphero Ollie

Now here is another RC sphere bot with that ‘wow’ feeling. I’ve always loved speed and the excitement that comes with it. I found that Ollie is a little bit quicker than the regular Sphero. It has a surprisingly high speed of 14 miles per hour. Mine even came with fixed LEDs that sparkle in the night.

I enjoyed its many tricks like flipping and jumping. It’s also a good teaching method. Although I’m not a child, it’s always good to remind yourself of the fun old days. Ollie is one of those auto games that I’ll gift my child!

Wonder Workshop Dash

When it comes to Workshop Dash, I found that it’s a more child-themed type of Sphero. The cartoonish and charming appearances are some of the features which give it away. It’s even a good way of teaching kids simple programming rules.

I enjoyed the drag-and-drop feature which helps children learn the use of logic in programming. It can also dance, light up, avoid barriers, make sounds and with its voice command system, it’s pretty exciting! What’s more, you can even unlock hidden features in the coding gaming app.

R.E.V Air

Wow! When I first came across the R.E.V air auto game, I could hardly imagine that such a simple game can be so attractive. You have to play it to know how it awesome it gets. It comes with a quadcopter drone and also a car. Both fight to the death!

It’s one of those augmented reality auto games. What does this mean? Well, your gadgets do not get hit. You can either choose to take the car or the drone while the other is controlled using artificial intelligence or simply (AI). Of course, I picked the drone, outmaneuvering and attacking my enemy and eventually I took him down!

No one is too old for gaming according to By playing these auto games using my phone, I found that the world of gaming is changing. Our view from it is that this change should bring us all closer to gaming by unleashing that childish urge that we keep hiding!


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