Top Five Amazing Apps For The First Week Of July

Top Five Amazing Apps For The First Week Of July


Top Five Amazing Apps For The First Week Of July

Since the summer heat is already here, there is only one thing in any sane British mind – HOLIDAY! Whether you are going for a camping break, golfing holiday, luxurious cruise, family break or any type of travel vacation, you might want to take along these five amazing apps with you. You’ll definitely make use of them to break some of the dull moments while on the trip. Check out the list of fantastic apps to choose from based on star ratings:

5: Himalaya Reader: NY Times Reader Update Himalaya Reader - himalaya-soft

This app is a lot better than the older version. The older one is slow to load articles, hidden toolbars and obtrusive directions. With the new app, not only are these problems taken care of the app is free, and the app also adds other magazines and papers in book format. The book form makes it easier to navigate, making it esier on the eyes and of course, there’s plenty of magazines and papers to choose from.

4: Travelzoo: The City Traveller’s Ultimate Companion Travelzoo - Travelzoo Inc.

This app is the perfect companion for anybody who likes to explore other countries and do it on the cheap; fancy saving £700 on a Nile cruise? Travelzoo is your app! Without wanting to sound too facile, the amount of money that you can save when booking a holiday is a huge bonus. The app is very clear and easy to navigate. The ‘Inspire Me’ function is a really useful ‘random-search’ function.

3: Safari Interactive Magazine: Head Into The Wild Safari interactive magazine - bigFIG Digital Media

This is a full color iPad app that brings the best of Africa right into your own home, in the palm of your hands. Bring Africa’s wildlife, scenery, and culture into your life. Magazine is interactive with sounds, music and award winning photography.Panoramic, 360 degrees photography. A definite must have for anyone getting ready to travel to Africa, has desire to travel there or just want to relish in its beauty.

2: Puzzler Codewords eMag: Code Cracking Has Never Been Such Fun! Puzzler Codewords eMag - Puzzler Media Ltd

This is a fantastically simple and effective eMag that is an absolute steal. If you like to crack codes then this eMag is right up your street; it contains a selection of exciting and intuitive puzzles that will put your code-cracking skills to the test. There’s a wide array of puzzles to choose from, with the majority of puzzles set in 13×15 grids with starter letters and a few others that have smaller grid sizes with an anagram to decode in order to answer a given clue. The really tricky bit comes when you have to solve the four puzzles with only two starter letters.

1: TripList: Organising your Travel Needs! TripList - Packing and To-Do - Ryan Hartman

This organisational travel app will aid users pack and prepare for their holidays with ease! Firstly, users select the type of trip they are preparing for and then start compiling their packing and preparation items from the very useful category lists presented, which are relevant to their trip. The app is clear, easy to use and contains great sound effects. Users can save particular trips as templates, saving them time when preparing for their next familiar trip. No need to add sun cream on for the next summer break, as it will already be saved in your template trip. A great feature of this app is the support for multiple users and multiple trips.

You might also want to check out other apps that might suit your needs and interests. Check out daily updates  on our site  to see more of the extraordinary apps to choose from!


  1. TravelZoo looks really good. Currently in the middle of planning a holiday so that could come in very handy!

  2. These are great! My wife and I are going Europe for our ten year anniversary this fall and have been looking for some good apps to use. These will definitely be of use, especially Trip List. We also really love crossword puzzles, and this looks Puzzler app looks perfect for us. You seem to have left my favorite app off the list though; this remote access app that I picked up through my job at Dish. With it I’m able to access live and recorded programming off my home receiver from anywhere in the world that has a wifi or 3G connection. It’s perfect for waiting between flights or downtime on the vacation

  3. I would definately recommend TripList to anyone preparing for their travels. It’s a great app. Eddie, I’ll have to check out the app you’re recommending as it may be worthy of a review!