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Himalaya Reader iPhone App Review

This is an extension of my first review of their first Himalaya product – NY Times Reader.

It is nice to know that an app creator will actually listen to reviewers. In my previous review, I had mentioned the slow to load articles, hidden toolbars and obtrusive directions. With the new app, not only are these problems taken care of the app is free, and the app also adds other magazines and papers in book format.


  • The book form makes it easier to navigate
  • Easier on the eyes
  • Plenty of magazines and papers to choose from


  • It‚Äôs still really small to read on an iPhone so I highly suggest switching to iPad if you can.

Summary: If you are looking for a free, easy reader for modern day traditional publications you have found it.

Himalaya Reader - himalaya-soft
Developer:: himalaya-soft
Released: May 17, 2012
Price: Free
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posted on 04 July 2012

It just goes to show the relevance and importance of us app reviewers and this amazingly credible website!

Gavi Schneider Gavi
posted on 04 July 2012

Thanks Chrystal!

Laura Barnes Laura Barnes
posted on 05 July 2012

Nice to see something like this going free on the app store ūüôā

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