Safari Interactive Magazine: Head Into The Wild

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Safari Interactive Magazine iPad App Review

Full color iPad app that brings the best of Africa right into your own home, in the palm of your hands. Bring Africa’s wildlife, scenery, and culture into your life.


  • Magazine is interactive with sounds, music and award winning photography.
  • Panoramic, 360 degrees photography.


  • The app comes with a free trial edition.
  • Each magazine costs $3.99
  • Files are large, Wi-Fi download is recommended

Summary: A definite must have for anyone getting ready to travel to Africa, has desire to travel there or just want to relish in its beauty.

Safari interactive magazine - bigFIG Digital Media
Developer:: bigFIG Digital Media
Released: May 10, 2012
Price: Free
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posted on 03 July 2012

I just love to see how far technology has come. With interactive magazines and newspapers readily available, print copies may soon be a thing of the past.

Gavi Schneider Gavi
posted on 03 July 2012

Bye bye paper.

posted on 04 July 2012

I wonder what else iPhone and iPad apps will put out of business!

Laura Barnes Laura Barnes
posted on 05 July 2012

This looks really interesting. Seems like another app that benefits a lot from being viewed on an iPad, rather than iPhone.

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