Top 5 iPad Apps That Rocked the Month of June 2011

Top 5 iPad Apps That Rocked the Month of June 2011


Top 5 iPad Apps That Rocked the Month of June 2011

It time to put on your shades, sunblock and other sun protection as summer has officially started. But before we hit the beach and spend quality time on the BBQ grill with family and friends in the backyard, lets steal a quick peak on the top five iPad apps that rocked the month of June. They are based on the number of shares they accumulated in Facebook. Here they are:

Top 5 – Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: So So, But A Touch Too Slow! Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - SEGA

Sega has ported over a version of their hit racing game featuring Sonic and nine other Sega stars as an iPad app. This application has 25 missions to attempt based in three Grand Prix Cups. The graphics look great considering the original game is pretty old now, and obviously someone has been hard at work making this look extra nice, on the iPad especially. There are all the similar power ups, speed boasts and track trickery present, and as you progress you unlock new characters to play with. The game is responsive and sounds good too.

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Top 4 – Falling Fred: Fred Puts His Life In Your Hands!

Falling Fred: Fred Puts His Life In Your Hands!

This app is an incredibly addictive little game, which involves you controlling the central character, known as Fred, as he falls towards imminent death at the jaws of a giant mince-meater. More and more obstacles get in your way to attempt to dismember Fred and you are awarded points for how ‘intact’ Fred is at the end of his fall. It’s comically gory which is pretty cool and the new obstacles that get in your way keeps it from coming repetitive.

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Top 3 – My Medical: All Of Your Really Important Information Safe and Instant

If you or someone dear to you is unfortunate enough to have an illness, or condition that needs to be managed with medication, surgery or constant tests, this app will be worth its weight in gold for you. You may also create profiles for several people and keep their personal health information in separate files. You can set alerts for upcoming appointments and prescription dates as well as charting levels of drugs, blood sugar etc over a period of time. The interface is beautiful on the iPad and provides all the functions available in the iPhone. Each profile can be customized to include all the medication for that person, along with emergency contacts for that person should the worst ever happen. You can password protect the files, and share them easily should you need to send to someone.

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Top 2 – First Touch Soccer: One Touch Football With A Twist!

Football is a brilliant game to watch and play and although the rules have changed little over the years, the game itself seems to have evolved into a faster paced and much more exciting sport. The First Touch Soccer is by far one of the best football games played on the iPhone market and what makes it even better is that it’s only $0.99! For those who want a quick game, simply pick your squad and pick the opposing side and it’s time to kick off. Otherwise if you enjoy delving deeper and really managing your team, you can do everything you could wish for, changing formations, players and anything else you could probably imagine. The controls are simple enough, with a virtual D-pad on the left side of the screen and shoot, pass and lob buttons on the right. If you want to pull off some skilled dribbling moves, simply press anywhere on the right half of the screen and watch you move smoothly beyond the opposition.

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Top1 – Celtx Script: The Handy Handheld Interrogational Scriptwriter

celtx script ipad app review
Celtx is a free alternative of First Draft that brings the best bits of First Draft with some features of its own to create a complete media pre-production software collection. It is not a surprise that it would make its way to the App Store. Celtx is a universal application, this means it fully supports the iPhone, iTouch and iPad; this also means buying it once and you can use it on any of these devices with full sync integration. Gone are the days of wanting to write only to find your laptop is low on battery – this App has found the Solution; send it to your iPhone or iPad. Once home, sync to your computer and then you can continue where you left off without too many problems. iPad is the closest to its computer brother, making the seamless transition from the laptop to the iPad.

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