3 Money Saving iPhone Apps

3 Money Saving iPhone Apps


iphone apps to help you save money

In times of recession, everybody has to pinch their pennies and save money when and wherever they can; some people will start buying leftover food from their local supermarket, other’s will switch their heating off all to shiver throughout winter and a select few will turn to stealing from unattended Church collection plates.  To save yourself from scurvy, frostbite and eternal damnation, why not check out these three iPhone apps that can help you save money and stay out of trouble in Hell.

100-money-saving-tips100+ Money Saving Tips

This App offer simple and effective tips and advice on saving money on everyday living; the categories are divided into separate sections for ‘Clothing’, Employment, ‘Food and Drink’ etc. The tips range from the fairly obvious, “Research the banks to ensure that you have the lowest interest rates on loans,” to more sage advice on buying clothes in charity shops and selling your unwanted items on eBay.

This App allows you to add your own pieces of advice for other frugally-minded individuals save money and stay out of trouble in Hell.

Price: £0.59, App Developer: Matthew Davidson

100+ Money Saving Tips - SimpleAim

local-sale-finder iphone app reviewLocal Sale Finder

Ever wanted to bag a bargain but just don’t know where to look? Local Sale Finder UK will send updates to your iPhone that include vouchers for restaurants, home and garden shops, clothing discounts and many more categories of everyday living. The vouchers are linked to Google maps so that you can direct yourself straight to the discount!

The vouchers don’t need printing, so don’t worry about a paper copy; simply display your iPhone and enjoy the bargains!

Price: Free, App Developer: BView

Local Sale Finder UK - BView Ltd


MoneyStrands allows you to be in constant contact with your finances as long as you have your trusty iPhone in your pocket; you can check all of your accounts and credit balances on your screen’s phone as well as keeping an eye on where your income is going. You can set certain budgets for where your money goes and respond to the alerts that pop up when you are in danger of going overdrawn!

Be as honest with the data input as possible; by cheating your finances, you really are only cheating yourself!

Price: Free, App Developer: Strands, Inc.

moneyStrands - Strands, Inc.



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