Top 10 Apps That Will Work Best On iPad 3

Top 10 Apps That Will Work Best On iPad 3


10 Apps That Will Work Best On iPad 3
So, the wait is finally over and the iPad 3 is hitting the shelves, with all of its fantastic new features ready and raring to be tested out by the hordes of tech-hungry Apple fans. With a faster processor (A5x) than its predecessor, games apps are sure to be absolutely stunning, especially when this is combined with the new high resolution Retina Display and improved graphics.

Browsing apps will also get a boost from the improved screen resolution; however, it is important to note that the new iPad will only show Retina graphics for an app if it was built using the brand-new version of developer tools that were released last week. So, be careful which apps you expect to be improved; to help you out, here’s our list of the top 10 apps that will work best on the iPad 3.

Reeder iPad App Review

1. Reeder – $4.99; Updated: Mar 15, 2012;  Seller: Silvio Rizzi  Reeder for iPad - Silvio Rizzi

If you haven’t got this app, download it now. Seriously. Reeder syncs seamlessly with Google Reader and has raised the bar for reading on an iPad. With the iPad 3’s Retina Display, this is the quintessential reading tool you will need for on and offline browsing. The user experience of Reeder is totally smooth and it outstrips others of its ilk; however, as Kindle is also optimized for the iPad 3, you’ll have the choice of reading longer articles as well as books using their app.

2. Labyrinth 2 HD – $7.99; Updated: Mar 15, 2012; Seller: Illusion Labs AB  Labyrinth 2 HD - Illusion Labs

Voted as one of the best apps on the App Store by App Advice, this popular sequel to the classic Labyrinth game is optimized to take advantage of the iPad 3’s Retina display so that it looks crisp and clear on your screen. Warning: Insanely addictive!

Sketchbook Pro iPad App Review

3. Sketchbook Pro – $4.99; Updated: Mar 14, 2012; Seller: Autodesk  SketchBook Mobile - Autodesk Inc.

Any artists looking to take advantage of the iPad 3’s super-fast processor as well as the brilliant display will rejoice in the fact that Sketchbook Pro is tweaked to make the most of all of these exciting new features; the combination of the improved graphics and the level of detail on screen will mean that you can create some true master pieces on your iPad; David Hockney, watch out!!

Twitter iPad App Review

4. Twitter – Free; Updated: Mar 16, 2012; Seller: Twitter, Inc.  Twitter - Twitter, Inc.

Sure, apps like TweetDeck are all very well for managing various social media accounts, but I don’t think that you can beat the good old Twitter app for iPad; it has all of the normal features from the official Twitter app, such as showing tweets from your friends, tweet, retweet, favourite and real-time search and trends but you can also take and tweet pictures taken with your iPad 3’s awesome 5MP sensor camera. Very cool.

5. Infinity Blade II – $6.99; Version: 1.0.3; Seller: Chair Entertainment Group  Infinity Blade II - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

Many blogs are abuzz with the skinny on this award-winning app, so we thought that we’d let you in on the fact that the fantasy fighting app is tweaked and tuned to the new iPad’s settings and it will look as bloodthirsty and beautiful as possible on your sparkling screen. Enjoy.

Star Walk ipad app review

6. Star Walk – $4.99; Version: 5.7; Seller: Vito Technology Inc. Star Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide - Vito Technology Inc.

Back in 2010 the iPad version of this stargazing app bagged the Apple Design Award, so it’s no surprise that Vito Technology have ensured that iPad 3 owners can look at the universe surrounding them in a crisp and clear format. This engaging and impressive app may be on the large side as it clocks in at 153 MB, but with the iPad 3’s 64 GB potential, you should have no qualms about it sitting on your Home screen.

Read the full review of Star Walk.

7. Evernote – Free; Updated: Mar 15, 2012 ;  Seller: Evernote  Evernote - Evernote

If the New York Times mentions your app in the ‘Top-Ten Must Have Apps’ list, you must be doing something right; so Evernote must be sitting pretty as they bring their fantastic organizational app to the new batch of iPad 3 owners. All of your tasks, lists and visual notes will be crisp and clear thanks to the improved screen resolution and faster processor.

Read the full review of Evernote in 10 Coolest iPhone Apps Ever.

iPhoto iPad App Reviews

8. iPhoto, iWork, iMovie and iLife – iPhoto - Apple

Let’s bunch a few of the originally developed Apple apps together and just say that, probably due to the fact that they had the heads-up way before any of the independent app developers, their apps are going to go together like, well, birds of a feather.

9. The NY Times – Free; Updated: Mar 15, 2012; Seller: The New York Times Company (iDP) NYTimes for iPad - The New York Times Company

Any Noo Yawk-ers reading this article will be happy to hear that The Big Apple’s favourite publication has pimped their app so that its blogs, videos and slideshows run in sync with the iPad 3’s premium features. The app is so fast and user-friendly that I’m seriously considering using it as my main news app, despite living a few thousand miles away from its source.

10. WordPress – Free; Updated: 15 March 2012; Developer: Automattic, Inc.  WordPress - Automattic

There are more than a few naysayers who would argue that WordPress should simply avoid the iPad completely; due to its awkward ergonomics, typing isn’t always going to be particularly smooth. However, due to the app syncing with the iPad 3’s new features, editing your blog posts becomes a hell of a lot smoother and more of a pleasure to do, thanks to the crystal sharp display and quick loading time; a must for passionate bloggers.

We will follow up with more apps that work well with the new iPad 3; if you have any recommendations, tips or advice, just post your comments below!


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