Top 10 Apps That Every Model Needs

Top 10 Apps That Every Model Needs


Apps That Every Model Needs

In the 60s when fashion ruled the world, there was a strange old stereotype about models: it seemed that they were not too bright in the head, struggled to find where their next shoot was and that they constantly worried about their weight. These beautiful people have long since left that stereotype behind; nowadays they wouldn’t even think about worrying about their weight or panicking about the next location – their iPhone does it for them!

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker iPhone App Review

1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, Price – FREE APP Developed by MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal -

What are a model’s worst enemy? Calories. This latest app from MyFitnessPal will help cut those pesky calories out for good! This free app allows you to keep a running diary of what you have eaten and it also has its very own progress chart so that you can “record today’s weight” and see how much you have lost. This app offers models the healthy choice for every meal and supplies them with all the nutritional facts about the meal. As all models thrive on competition, this app allows you to add your stick thin buddies as “friends” and compare who has lost the most weight! Who said models obsess about their weight? Get those two fingers out of your throat and stick them up at calories!

Pimp My Hair iPhone App Review

2. Pimp My Hair – FREE APP Pimp My Hair - Iddiction

Fed up of checking out those rival models that have a better hairdo than yours in those dreaded castings? This app will rock your world. Pimp My Hair allows you to “switch up your style” and put hundreds of different hair cuts on your very own face until you find the one that fits. The “fashion” section of this app, “Hair Dos and Hair Don’ts” will surely satisfy your hair’s high fashion needs. This app also allows you to hilariously “fix your face” and “switch up your style”…very fashionable, darling.

Temple Run iPhone App review

3. Temple Run – FREE/Angry Birds – $0.99 Temple Run: Brave - Disney

Picture the scene; you’ve been running round Paris or Milan strutting your stuff at 12 castings, and when you finally reach that last casting the designer has the cheek to say “I need a cigarette and coffee break ASAP darlings, give me 15 minutes, models!” What on earth are you gonna do? That’s right, reach into that Gucci bag of yours, grab that beautiful iPhone and pass the time with these ridiculously addictive apps! These essential model apps will keep their simple brains pleasantly amused until ‘Antoine’ has finished his ciggy.

Fat Booth iPhone App Review

4. Fat Booth/ Age Booth – FatBooth - PiVi & Co

Think that you’re getting too old or too fat for modelling? Make a judgement on how long your modelling career will last with this eye-popping app sure to give you grey hairs! To read a full review of these shocking face transformation apps, click here.

Spotify iPhone App Review

5. Spotify – Free  Spotify - Spotify Ltd.

Every model needs to get “pumped up” before a big catwalk or a special photo shoot. This app allows you to choose any music in the entire world to suit your mood; whether it’s New Order’s catwalk classic ‘Blue Monday’ or Rage Against the Machine adrenaline-fuelled ‘Killing In The Name’, this app will get your blood pumping and your adrenaline rushing, ready to make your mark on the catwalk.

Metro Maps iPhone App review

6. Metro Maps – $5.99 Metro Maps - Thumb Country

If you’re in a foreign city and the Bentley doesn’t show up to escort you to your shoot, you’re gonna need a tube/metro map to get you there on time (or fashionably late, of course). This app is highly useful and the best thing about it is that anyone can use it. No need to carry around those inconvenient, confusing paper maps; this app now covers 49 cities around the world, so even if your photo shoot happens to be in Venezuela, you’ll know where to go.

Skyscanner iPhone App Review

7. Skyscanner: All flights, Everywhere! – FREE Skyscanner All flights, everywhere! - Skyscanner

If that pesky agent of yours is always unreliable, get on this app and book those flights right away for ridiculously cheap prices! Skyscanner shows you literally any flight anywhere at any time at the cheapest possible price! Paris, Milan, New York…take your pick!

Instagram iPhone App Review

8. Instagram – FREE, Developed by Burbn, Inc. Instagram - Burbn, Inc.

Being a model allows you the chance to mix within the social scene of the rich and famous fairly regularly; so you must always be prepared and not miss the chance to get a snap with your idol, or a shot with those irritating fans that follow you around. If, for example, you are backstage at some fashion show in Paris and you catch a glimpse of the one and only David Bowie’s cut-glass cheekbones and electric blonde quiff, you have to assume that he’s going to beg to have a picture with you. Give Bowie the affirmative with a simple nod and a wink and whip out your Instagram app! Also, this app is great for taking pictures of your face i.e. checking make-up and hair etc.

Twitter iPhone App Review

9. Twitter – Free Twitter - Twitter, Inc.

Where would any of us be without finding out what each other is doing and thinking every minute of the day? Nowhere, is the answer to that question. Being a model, you have to be alert in the fashion social scene. The public seem fascinated by finding out what celebrities, musicians and models are doing, thinking, watching or eating (ha!); so you have to give the public what they want. ‘Tweet’ your thoughts on Victoria Beckham’s latest lingerie line or your fabulous new diet plan for all of your followers to see!

My Fashion Closet iPhone App review

10. My Fashion Closet: Free My Fashion Closet - ModiFace

All models need to have the perfect outfit on, whatever the situation; you never know when the paps might strike. This app is as simple as walking down a runway in a straight line; you just take a picture of all the clothes in your wardrobe and My Fashion Closet will organise all of your garments and make it easy to match the perfect outfit. Once you have decided on the perfect attire for the occasion, you can share your finalised outfit with your model buddies and hear the jealousy in their voices as they say, “looks absolutely lovely, darling”.