toothpict: Keep Your Smile Food Free

toothpict: Keep Your Smile Food Free


toothpict iPhone App Review
We have all experienced it at some point – that moment when you arrive home from work, glance in the mirror and discover that a large lump of whatever you had for lunch (which you consumed a good 5 hours ago at this stage) is lodged between your teeth. Next comes the cringe factor as you think back over all of the people you have encountered throughout the afternoon who didn’t tell you. Thanks to a newly acquired obsession with having rocket in my sandwich every day, I have had this problem a lot recently! Toothpict is an app that will save me the embarrassment of spending all day with a lump of green in my teeth, and save my work colleagues the awkwardness of having to point it out.

There isn’t a lot to this but it is quite fun. It opens up to a set of teeth in the middle of the screen. You select the incriminating food (there are little icons to choose from), place it in the teeth at the approximate spot where it is currently jammed in your friend’s mouth, and send it to them via text, email or twitter. They will then receive a notification informing them of the tooth jam and a link to the map you have so helpfully provided so they can easily locate and dislodge the item. If you are the toothpictee and the owner of an iphone 4, you can use the handy built-in mirror (basically a front facing camera view) to check your teeth, but you will need to download the app in order to do this.

It’s free, it’s fun to play around with and it has clearly been developed by someone with a sense of humour (check out the how it works screenplay on I say give it a go! You could always just enjoy making your friends paranoid by sending them constant notifications…

Pros: the obvious pro is that this will potentially save you from embarrassing situations. Also, it’s simple, easy to use and free!

Cons: I’m not sure how many people will actually use this. Also, because it is a free app there are adverts on there, which might annoy some people. And you need to have the person’s email or mobile number in order to let them know.



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