Tired Of Converting Videos for Your iPad? Download yxPlayer

Tired Of Converting Videos for Your iPad? Download yxPlayer


yxPlayer iPad App Review
Want to watch AVI or MKV files on your iPad? Up until now the only option has been to convert them to mpeg4 or another format the iPad recognized. Now there is an app called yxPlayer that will play those and many other files natively.

About The App

yxPlayer is a video player alternative for the iPad which features a much longer compatibility list than iTunes. The app costs $4.99 but in exchange you gain the ability to play almost any movie file without having to convert or jailbreak. The app is also incredibly easy to use just choose the file you want to play and open it. YxPlayer does the rest.

Compatibility List:

§ MP3, AAC / AAC +, WMA, AC3 and PCM
§ Encoded UTF-8/ANSI Subtitle.
§ mpg, avi, mp4, flv, MKV and WMV / ASF files
§ MPEG1/2/4, H.264 BP, Divx / Xvid, and FLV1 WMV7/8/9

Pros, Cons and Final Thoughts

Pros: The app plays almost anything and certainly puts the native video player to shame. Playback is mostly very smooth with the exception of super high quality HD content (1080p)

Cons: $4.99 is a bit steep just for the convenience of not having to convert anything. The interface while easy to use is ugly by modern app standards.

Final Thoughts: Whether or not this app is worth the money depends entirely on how often your converting videos. If you have a bunch of AVI or similar video files and find the idea of converting to complicated then it’s definitely a buy. If you rarely ever convert movies but know how then you should probably pass.

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