The official Countdown TV show app is now available

The official Countdown TV show app is now available


Press Release:

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Countdown… 

London 18th November 2010 – Deluxe Digital studios release the all time favourite and longest running TV Gameshow to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!  Students, housewives, brain-boxes and Gameshow lovers – the iconic Countdown TV show is now available to play whenever and wherever you want! 

Featuring the original and much loved Countdown set in 3D, the same addictive gameplay as the TV show, the iconic theme music and the famous Countdown Clock.  Put yourself into your very own Countdown game, by choosing a consonant or a vowel, by showing off your maths skills and then crowning yourself a champion by completing the famous Countdown Conundrum…   


LETTERS ROUND – Choose 9 consonant/vowels and make the longest word possible before the Countdown clock finishes.     

NUMBERS ROUND – Put your maths skills to the test against the Countdown clock. 

COUNTDOWN CONUNDRUM – Finish with a flourish and crack the famous Countdown Conundrum. 

GAME MODES: – Add your own play name – Short or Long Games
- 1 Player
- 2 Player – Pass & Play
- Bluetooth
- Gamecentre


Settle down it’s time to play Countdown! 

Let’s start the clock… 

Downloadable now from the App Store on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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