The iFitness app could be your new workout buddy!

The iFitness app could be your new workout buddy!

Coud this be putting personal trainers out of a job?

App released on 21 August 2010, Size: 17.5 MB, Price £1.19

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t get a personal trainer. Leaving aside the rock-hard abs and toned biceps that would all be yours if only you could find the motivation to work for them, imagine having someone who is a professional fitness expert scrutinizing your body as you pound away on a sweaty treadmill, or texting you with a guilt trip message just before you head out for a boozy dinner to remind you that the chocolate torte that you have been craving all week will only be a moment on your lips, but a lifetime of podgy, confidence shattering ridicule and shame. Oh, and they cost about a million pounds per hour.

By logging your progress as you go, iFitness can show you detailed graphs of workout data that are great reference points for moving forward. Also, each exercise comes with a video demonstration…your very own virtual trainer!

Well, with the iFitness App you can now enjoy all the benefits of a personal trainer without the constant pressure or the exorbitant price tag. iFitness is the ultimate exercise App, with a detailed list of exercises for each area of the body, complete with a detailed diagram of the human body to match your work out to whatever muscle group it is that you want to improve. It also offers a comprehensive list of routines and programs to match your targets; for example, the ‘Basketball Conditioning Routine’ shows the budding hoop star the best exercises to work on at certain points in the season to optimize their body for the courts. There are also more regular routines, such as the ‘Swimmer’, ‘Runner’ and Soccer Programs along with routines that will help you lose weight, build your abs or even define your glutes!

The routines can be done anywhere from training with free weights and aerobic exercises in the comfort of your own home, to which machines to use at the gym; there is even a ‘Business Travel Workout’ that uses office chairs as props for those of you who don’t want your workaholic lifestyle to prevent you from getting a polished set of guns to show off beneath your suit!

With a personalized log of all your workouts, as well as other extras such as a BMI Calculator and Weight Monitor, the iFitness App really is the future for anyone who is even slightly serious about healthy living and exercise…and if you do want that extra slice of dessert at dinner, then your iPhone won’t judge you.


  1. Well, i like this app, but I suggest some improvements like in All-in Fitness where they have more exercises to choose among and the app offers yoga practice which is extremely important for me.


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