Leafythings iOS App Review

Leafythings iOS App Review


In Canada, it’s legal to purchase cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The amendment was passed in October 2018 making the country the second nation in the world to legalise cannabis. The substance remains controlled and sold only at government licensed retailers and grown only by licensed producers. This is why if you are living in Canada and after cannabis then you will want a reputable place to buy it.

Leafythings is an app that allows you find information, delivery services and cannabis dispensaries in Canada. The app contains a list of information on cannabis and you can learn the facts and find the right strain from your local medical store. You can be guided on the CBD levels, dosage and the knowing what’s right for you. Leafythings can be the complete resource centre for cannabis information with information on THC as well.

The app allows you to search nearby using the integrated map. You can see the dispensaries in your local area or search nationally. Tapping on the dispensary on the map will give you more details and what it offers.


– Find same day weed delivery services

– Get dispensary information, including phone numbers, websites and email addresses

– Add dispensaries and products to your Favourites list

– Browse edibles, strains and more available at your local dispensary

– Find medical marijuana services near you

Leafythings is available for free on AppStore and Google Play.

Leafythings is fully intended to use solely in Canada. Even though it’s legal in Canada, Cannabis is still a drug and must be used by adults 19 years and older and so should the app.


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