The Fish Dies in the End: Unless You Are A Gaming Genius!

The Fish Dies in the End: Unless You Are A Gaming Genius!


The Fish Dies in the End iPad App Review

We’ve all played games where you have to duck and dive through wave after wave of obstacles in an effort to get the best score ever achieved. Take for example the helicopter game where you must try to avoid blocks and the top and bottom of the endless cave. So taking this type of game and putting it underwater seems a good recipe for success – but is it?

Ok, controls are as you’d expect, tapping and holding the screen causes your fish to head towards the surface, releasing the screen will cause your fish to go downwards. All that you must do is use these very simplistic controls to navigate your way through the endless numbers of hazards that appear in the form of fish, coral, starfish, jelly fish and sharks. To do this, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a special bacteria which gives your fish invulnerability for a short period of time – and allows you to turn the tables on your fishy counterparts, and indeed you get points for running into them! Just be careful not to keep bumping into them once the effects wear off! Other objects to find are health replenishing hearts, pearls which give you increased points and a crash helmet which gives you protection from one hit.

As you’d expect you have three lives, once these expire, so do you! The listed items will help you restore any lost health or get a little further in the game. Otherwise, it’s purely down to skill and luck for you to safely work your way through all the obstacles safely.
Overall, the game is really geared towards the younger players. I found even the hardest level a breeze to go through and although there’s bound to be some who will want to play this game to get a world record distance and time played your fascination with this game will probably dwindle much more quickly.


  • Simple and quite addictive
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Cute graphics


  • Very repetitive
  • Way too easy, even on hardest setting
  • The lifespan of this game is possibly not all that long


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