The Essential Guide To Gadgets For Students

The Essential Guide To Gadgets For Students



College can be a stressful time, whether you’re starting off as a fresh-faced neophyte or returning for the final year and facing down the business end of those dreaded Final Exams (capitalised for effect). There’s a number of ways you can help yourself through the intense emotional swings of college/university, be it constant imbibing of black coffee, or the constant imbibing of alcohol (any colour will do). But while these might have a detrimental effect on your education, there are some cool gadgets you can avail of which will do the opposite. Here’s a rundown of the coolest/most useful tools you can pick up as a student, whatever your trade.

Laptop – Let’s start with the obvious, you definitely need a computer when you’re in college. Useful for lectures, notes, and especially for those downtime days or nights where nothing seems to be going on. Why suffer the existential weight of being a lonely student uncertain of their chosen career path? Head to YouTube and forget the angst amid a sea of alternative humour.

iPhone/Smartphone rechargeable battery pack – This one’s key. Smartphones are always dying on you, so to make sure you don’t get caught short mid-lecture or mid-night out, make sure you’re packing a rechargeable battery. But do remember to charge this up too, once in a while.

Bluetooth Mini-Speaker – Eternally useful at parties, and great to whack on when you’re relaxing at the dorm, bluetooth speakers come in a lot of shapes, but their main virtue is their size. You can bring them around anywhere you like, and seeing as your bedroom is probably no bigger than the average broom closet, they’ll feel right at home in there.

Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker – Look, there will be times where you have to stay up all night to finish/begin and finish an essay. So, to arm yourself for the inevitable, get a hold of these nifty bluetooth coffee makers, which brews a pot on command from your smartphone when you download the corresponding app. Pretty cool. Also, if you just can’t face the all-nighter and the coffee isn’t working, you can always order essays from and save yourself the hard work, while achieving stellar marks at the same time.

Kindle – Why carry around a heavy backpack of books when you can keep them all in one place, on a device which takes up less room than your average pamphlet?

All-in-one toaster – A toaster is a student essential, but the glorious world we currently live in allows you to buy toasters which will also heat beans and poach or fry eggs, all in the same device. Never miss another breakfast again, and don’t sell yourself short with just the toast. Start coffee brewing from bed (see above) for maximum effect and a phD in Gadgetry.


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