ThankYouPro: A Cool and Classy way to say Thank You

ThankYouPro: A Cool and Classy way to say Thank You



There’s no better way of showing your gratitude than sending a thank you card but who can be bothered with the hassle of buying a card, then an envelope, licking the stamp, going to the post office, etc., etc.?  ThankYouPro allows you to send a thank you note to anybody in the world with just a few taps on your smartphone.

The design of the app is smooth and intuitive and it’s easy to navigate around to explore all of the functionality.  You can choose from a varied selection of 60+ designs or create your own card from a photo uploaded from your phone; the themes range from to professional more lighthearted meaning that you can use the service to thank anyone from a client to a family member or friend.

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The service is very quick, with first class postage within 24 hours of purchase ensuring that your card gets to its recipient just as quickly as if you mailed it yourself; payment can be made safely and securely via PayPal or credit card, which is a relief to anyone who feels nervous paying for items online.

I really liked the handwritten font that is written in whatever colour you choose and a particularly nice touch is the ‘signature function’, which allows you to put your own signature on each individual card by scrawling it on the screen of your phone!  Quality is clearly at the forefront of the app developer’s minds with ThankYouPro, as each note is printed on quality 100# satin gloss card stock and sent in a linen envelope; it’s this feature that makes me think that users will use it for business as well as in their personal lives.

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The app has received rave reviews on the iTunes store, making it pretty darn close to a 5-star app, and it has even knocked Apple’s ‘Cards’ app off its perch after the mega-company recently discontinued the app despite the gargantuan amount of publicity that they threw at it.  As validations go, beating Apple has to rank fairly highly in any app developer’s book.

The free app even offers users the opportunity to send their first card for no fee and any email card is also free; it seems like you’re running out of excuses not to download this useful little app…


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