Temple Run: Can you Handle the Chase???

Temple Run: Can you Handle the Chase???

Temple Run iPhone App Review
Keep on Running!!!!

Many of you have already discovered the Temple Run game, as it has been dominating the top spot for free applications in the app store for some time now.

For those of you who haven’t, let me introduce you to your next app download! Warning….It’s highly addictive!

Pros: Temple Run is a fast, fun and fantastic game that requires users to endlessly run around a scene of temples. Users must collect a series of coins, steer clear of being captured and avoid obstacles that present along the way. You need quick hands to swipe and manoeuvre your way around the temple. The 3D graphics are incredibly realistic and gives an arcade look and feel to the game. Temple Run is highly addictive and will keep you entertained for hours! It has already received rave reviews and is proving more popular than some paid apps currently on offer. With 7 different characters available and power-ups which add to the excitement and pace of the game, you will always be determined to outrun your last attempt.

Cons: The only update that I could suggest would be to include new scenes and locations for higher levels. Even a paid version of the app would be well received if it included these updates.


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