Sullivan’s List: Explore world Events from an App!

Sullivan’s List: Explore world Events from an App!


Sullivans List iPad App Review
Sullivan’s List is an app that allows users to explore major events around the globe. The app lists these events and provides the user with essential event information and photographs. Globe trotters everywhere share their personal experiences, tips, photographs and stories based on these events. The app also links to their website, and there is also a Sullivan’s List book.


Sullivan’s List is a very informative app that provides its users with all essential events information from around the world. The photographs provided are eye-catching and compliment the content perfectly, giving users a real sense of what to expect from these magnificent global events. All essential event information is provided, as well as useful tips, advice and traveller stories. Users also have the option to create their own wish list of events, share any event on Facebook and view the events online by linking to the Sullivan’s List website. The app contains a unique and stylish layout and is extremely informative and easy to use. The app also explains that future updates will include lists of beautiful places and impressive buildings. This is a great app for users who are interested in travel and global events.


The only negative factor to consider is that users have access to all the information on the website and so they may be reluctant to spend $2.99 to purchase this app.


  1. Nice review!

    One small mistake: the content on the website is not the same as on the iPad and iPhone app. The content on the site is mostly from wikipedia. Specially for the book, iPad and iPhone app Sullivan’s List did intensive research to describe all those amazing events in the best possible way with additional tips from other travellers and interesting facts.
    Definitively worth the $2.99 🙂

  2. Apologies for the mistake. It was a great app to review and I totally agree with you David, it is worth the money! Thank you for your comment.


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