‘Streets of Rage’ is back in miniature form!

‘Streets of Rage’ is back in miniature form!


streets-of-rage-for-iphoneApp released on 31 July 2010, Size: 4.7 MB, Price £1.79

Children of the 90’s unite!  ‘Streets of Rage’ is back in miniature form!

Has completing ‘Angry Birds’ left a fun-shaped whole in your life?  Do you yearn for the bone crunching, blood spilling rush of fighting bad guys while on the commute to work?  Well, look no further as SEGA have released the pinnacle of all hit-em-up games, ‘Streets of Rage’, for all of those twenty and thirty somethings to relive those joyous, childhood hours sat in front of the computer screen…and this time there’s no one shouting at you to do your homework!

That’s right, now you can join Adam, Axel and Blaze on their quest to rid the streets of wrongdoers using any means at their disposal; you can fight ninjas, street hoods, knife juggling carnies and fire-breathing fat men, using punches, high kicks, grapples, and a wide array of weapons and if it all gets a little too much, tap the A-button to call for police back up in the form of a handy flamethrower.

By toggling the screen setting in ‘Menu’, you can choose from either a full screen setting, or a shrunken screen, allowing better game play as you can focus on the characters more than your thumbs!

The game play is fantastic, with the helpful option of shrinking the screen, so as not to obscure your view of the action with your lightening-quick thumbs, and, just like the original, it is nearly impossible to complete!  Each level ends with a ‘boss’ to eliminate and they get progressively harder as the game goes on.  The real fun lies in selecting your character each time you start a new game, seeing as each of them has different pros and cons that make the same levels seem different.

A real hit for anybody looking to pass the time between meetings, classes or long journeys, ‘Streets of Rage’ is an affordable and safer alternative to becoming a street walking vigilante.



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