STK Universal Desktop Quad Charging Dock

STK Universal Desktop Quad Charging Dock


STK Universal Desktop Quad Charging Dock

The STK quad charging dock might look impressive with it’s stylish looking design and blue glowing lights, but it needs to sort out its fundamentals first.

The foremost problem with the unit is that the AC mains charger is incredibly flimsy, bordering on useless because it struggles to connect properly.

When you finally get the unit connected to a power source it is admittedly very useful – assuming you’re in the need for a dock that charges up to four devices at once.

The unit also caters for a whole multitude of devices including – 2 x iPhone, 2 x Micro USB, 2 x Mini USB, Nokia 2.00mm, LG Chocolate, Samsung G600, Son-Erikson K750. Plus, because you can very easily chop and change these adapters there’s also the opportunity to add to your collection with any future adaptors you might need.

At it’s heart, the STK charging dock is a good little solution for charging several devices all at once, however you might struggle to get the device to work in the first place given the flimsy AC mains charger.

Link: STK Universal Desktop Quad Charging Dock

Price: £24.99


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