Stick Cricket – Celebrate England’s Ashes Win with an Addictive iPhone Cricket...

Stick Cricket – Celebrate England’s Ashes Win with an Addictive iPhone Cricket Game


Stick Cricket iPhone App Review

One of the UK’s most popular Flash games has made the jump to the small screen: Stick Cricket. The addictive iPhone cricket game arrived just in time to celebrate England’s ashes win – but does it get bowled out first ball, or hit a massive six?

The game lets you play a team of batsman as they attempt to outfox a series of different bowler types – from pure speed-demons, to spinners and swingers.

Users are given a simple choice: swing your bat left or right. After that it’s all down to impeccable timing. The controls make the game simple and addictive – just like the online version.

There are three gameplay modes: World Domination, All Star Slog and Two Player. World Domination lets you play as England against a series of progressively tougher opposition.

You’re given twenty overs (sets of six bowls) to outscore the other teams set target. Run out of overs, or get out ten times without reaching the target and you lose.
All the key details of cricket are in there – real player names, real bowling types, LBWs, being caught out and even hatrick balls. Get out without scoring any runs and you’ll be greeted with a duck graphic – the official term for scoring no runs.
There’s even a realistic scoresheet, for following how well you’re batting. The first three opponent teams are free – after that, it’s a £1.79 upgrade for the full experience.

All Star Slog lets you attempt to set a high-score in either five or ten overs. Purchase the full version and you’ll get another eight modes.

Two-Player lets you play wirelessly against an opponent – however, to host a match, you’ll have to have the upgraded version. The free mode lets you join in a hosted match, though, so if a friend has paid for Stick Cricket, you’ll be able to face-off with upgrading.

All-in-all, this game is really more of a “six” than a five star. It’s a faithful representation of the online game –simple, addictive, and fiendishly difficult. The initial difficulty may put some people off, but those willing to persevere will be well-rewarded.



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